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  1. Ok. The rifle is sold. Thanks to all that looked
  2. Yes it is the same gun. I am going to meet Colorado Jackson monday. If he doesn’t take it I will send you a message. thanks. Gundertaker
  3. Ok I will try again I have a 1873 rifle with half octogon barrel, gold bead front sight,marbles tang sight, an action job with short stroke. I ordered it from Taylers 7 or 8 years ago. It has sat in my safe becuse I think it is just to pretty to shoot at a match, so I just keep using my old mod 92. This rifle is 45 colt and maybee has 2 boxes of shells thru it. I still have the boxes for the rifle and the Marbles sight. If you look on Taylor’s site now it is almost 2 k. I will take $1700.00 and we can split shipping or do a face to face. I am close to Texarkana Tx Gary. 903
  4. I forgot to say I have another plain butt cover with no name on it. I will switch them
  5. 1873 short rifle half round half octagon barrel. 45 colt. I ordered from Taylor’s with Comanchero option which gives it the short stroke kit and a nice action job. I also got a marbles tank sight and gold bead front sight. I have had this rifle for 8 years or so but only put less than a box of shells thru it. It is the deluxe with a pistol grip stock. It is just to pretty for me to use in a match so I keep shooting my mod 92. I have the original box for the rifle and marbles sight. I had a custom butt cover made so it is flat now , crescent is still there. I have looked it up and now
  6. I have sent My # to the other two.   903-268-2110     I'm  not real familiar with using this forum. My email showed Me Connagher first.   I would like to talk with the first guy then down the line  just to be fair with everyone


    1. Gundertaker


      Sounds good.   Looking forward to hearing from you


  7. Marshal     I am not sure how to pm You   Please call Me at 903-268-2110.  The Guy I bought the hammers from said they fit colts and clones.   I know they are different than a Great Western


    1. Gundertaker



      Are You still interested in the hammers ?



    2. Marshal Law SASS#854 Life-Regulator

      Marshal Law SASS#854 Life-Regulator


      where do I send the funds and how do you want to be paid?


      My address is:

      Robert Silverman

      1025 Hope Drive

      Central Point, Oregon 


    3. Gundertaker


      Hammers are sold

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