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  1. Thank you Rip. Anytime I am asked to make one for someone I always try to make another with it. Sometimes just alike and sometimes slightly different if the other person don't want a pair. I know Schofield holsters are hard to find at times. People always tell me they had a hard time finding Schofield holsters. Esp the left hand shooters.
  2. Schofield holsters can sometimes be hard to find. Especially for the left-hand shooter. This one was made for just such a shooter. It is a left hand half flap holster made in a period style true to the era and fits the Schofield perfect. Color is an antiqued English Bridle. Just thought I would give the people here first shot at it before it moves to one of the other sites where I would have to charge more such as etsy or ebay $125.00 shipped. Accept money order, paypal f&f, check etc.
  3. Anything to help. Unfortunately, now I'll be dodging bullets from my own wife. Sorry, but with these three I'll now have two pairs when added to my other one.
  4. PM Sent and I will take all three if terms of the PM will work for you.
  5. I am not sure what Jack First is? Googled it and now see. Had never heard of them. Thanks. Edit: they don't appear to have any.
  6. I am looking for the safety button for a Stevens 311A double barrel shotgun. I have searched the normal places such as ebay, gunbroker, numrich etc. I have not been able to locate one. Mine broke and although it still functions I would like to fix the button. If you have one please reach out me. Thanks.
  7. Straps are 15" apart. There are strap loops on both side so the scabbard can ride right side butt forward or left side butt to the rear and show the tooling or if a cowboy likes the plain side out he can let it ride on the left side butt forward or the right side butt to the rear. I was originally asked to make this by a guy who said he liked to use two different saddles. One plain and one basketweave. The overall length is approximately 30 inches. I made it to fit rifles such as the 92,73,66,94 etc that have a 20" barrel or so. Of course it would accommodate shorter barrel rifles 16" and 18" barrels also. 24" barrels are a little to longer for it. Hope this helps.
  8. Number 4 is now sold. Only thing remaining is the Rifle Saddle Scabbard.
  9. Not lined but has not been hardened so the inside is somewhat soft. May still eventually scratch a Henry though because most anything will.
  10. Leather Scabbard is still available.
  11. Checkered Giraffe Bone
  12. Edit…. I’ll take 100 plus 10 shipping on this one.
  13. Have a few Christmas Leftovers that I'd like to move. All are new and never used by anyone unless otherwise stated. "First I'll Take It" get it. SOLD- 1) Pair of 1851 Colt Slim Jim style holsters with border stamping. These are done in 10-12 oz leather and are very heavy duty. Never used. Right hand strong side and right hand cross draw (worn on the left side). Natural color. 150.00 plus 15 shipping Sold- 2) Carbine Rifle Scabbard done in a basketweave pattern. 9-10 oz leather done in a distressed English Bridle Color with straps and buckles. $250.00 plus 25 shipping. SOLD-3) Texas Ranger Themed Tom Threepersons Style 1911 right hand holster. 9-10 oz leather that is fully suede lined. Texas Star Basketweave pattern with Texas Ranger Badge Concho on the front. Done in a walnut color. 100.00 plus 10 shipping. SOLD-4) 1911 floral carved holster in a distressed English Bridle color in 5-6 oz leather. This one has been slightly used.$85 plus 10 dollars shipping. Comes with matching knife sheath.
  14. Cap worked on an 87 of mine. He was a pleasure to deal with and a true gentleman and cowboy. Condolences to his family and friends.
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