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  1. Outside my budget for now thanks. I have two originals. I just don’t want to cut either barrels or do any other mods to them.
  2. I won't be at BorderTown next week unfortunately and don't know anyone from South Louisiana going as of now. I sent the seller a message though. Thanks.
  3. Possibly looking to pick up a 1887 with action work and drop two conversion done. Interested in original or clone. Please let me know whats available. Thanks, Rube
  4. Actually have the cigar in hand but not one of the big fat ones like him. I didn’t have a bow tie like his but did tie the shirt strings in a bow. Also didn’t have the leg chaps or whatever they are called. Just made due with what I had available. Thanks.
  5. I recently redone a Pooler & Jones Boss Shotshell Cartridge Belt and thought I would share the process here. JWheeler331: Pooler & Jones Boss Shotshell Cartridge Belt Restoration
  6. Happy to not have a waiting period here in Louisiana. With my concealed carry permit they don't even have to call it in. Just fill out the form, pay and leave.
  7. Audie Murphy is one of my favorite Western Actors. I really enjoy him and his movies. He could really ride well. His war time merits speak for themself.
  8. Interesting. I did not know that about Mr. Eastwood.
  9. More and more gun related companies making big moves to more 2A friendly states.
  10. I have watched his video twice. Excellent work. Thanks best bud. Ha.
  11. I have not had any problems lately getting caps or Goex. Ordered 4 cans from MidwayUSA a month ago. Really hate hearing that they are closing down this plant though. Lots of people in this state will now be let go and need new jobs. Hoping someone else buys the company and keeps the brand going. Here is another link about the Goex plant. This last one was their 7th explosion since opening the campus in Minden, La. Public awaits answers on Goex explosion | Webster Parish Journal
  12. Wonderful movie. I really liked how they don't ever really give you even a good look at Bonnie and Clyde till the end. That keeps the focus on the lawmen who brought them down rather than the highly romantisized B&C part of the story that is usually told.
  13. Watched it again last night. Def. one of my favorites. I just always took it as it showing the same shots but from different angles rather than 15 actual rounds.
  14. The McDonalds around here seem to be paying between 12-15 per hour. I am not saying everyone could live off of that but kids and other people who just need a job could have some type of income. McDonalds and other jobs of the type are not meant to be career jobs. Unless I guess you work your way up the ladder there. Chick-Fil-A around here starts out at like 18 an hour which is not bad for that type of work I guess for someone starting out in the work field.
  15. Yep, or give you a box. I was buying a 1911 in 10mm a couple months ago and the girl could not find any 10mm so she was going to give me 2 boxes of 9mm if I had use of it. Having a 9mm I told her I would take that and find some 10mm somewhere else (like in my ammo locker, haha). I was all set to take the two boxes of 9mm but she actually found a box of 10mm and gave that to me instead.
  16. Thanks for the info. I thought about using light smokeless loads in it but seen enough online that made me pause that idea for now. This design seems strong enough to handle the very light smokeless loads but what do I know.
  17. I had one made by Norinco years ago that had the drop two mod but I traded it off or sold it for some reason. Don't even remember now. I have always liked the 1887 shotguns just because I think the guns are cool looking. I am happy to finally have an original.
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