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  1. I have seen lots of his work online when I was researching in order to decide if I wanted a Uberti or Winchester. Does he have a site ? I would be interested in ordering it.
  2. Good tip. I do actually shoot like that sometimes when going for speed. Here I was just shooting down into a pit. Targets were roughly 50 yards away and down so I was aiming.
  3. I ordered some and they are in. I will be reloading them this week and then shooting them this weekend if the weather holds out. Thanks for all of the great info in this thread. Hopefully it not only helps me but others also.
  4. Been a busy couple weeks so I had not got to even shoot my new 73. That is till yesterday. Took it out and ran a couple hundred rounds through it. Functioned flawlessly. Once I adjusted the sights on it I was shooting it pretty well. My one and only complaint on the rifle is how hard I have to squeeze the lever safety for it to shoot. There were a couple times when it cost me split seconds from having to squeeze harder and I am not speed shooter to begin with. Here is a quick video of a couple magazines through it and then some close ups of the rifle. Fit and finish were excellent.
  5. Thanks again for all the great info and links. I have placed an order. I have saved all the links for future reference also.
  6. Thanks for all of the great info and suggestions pards.
  7. Thanks. I will check them out.
  8. Kind of looking to see who might offer up the best prices on lead bullets. I have always used S&S Bullets but I am getting low on both .45 and .38 bullets and will need to order some new ones soon. Who are you all using? I have not had to buy any in a while so I am not sure about the current prices. I use 200g RNFP and 158g RNFP And on a side note, what grain bullets are yall using for the matches in each caliber? Thanks Pards, Rube
  9. I bought a brand new 1873 Rifle unfired and it came with a brand new (never installed) Pioneer Gun Works Leather Butt Cover and lever cover. I am using the lever cover but I already have a butt cover that I like so I am going to use it instead of this one. These sell for 40.00 and I assume shipping also. Not sure if it matters but this was for a Miroku Rifle. Comes complete with needles and wax thread to put it on gun with. Prefer Paypal friends and family but will accept other forms of payment also. http://www.pioneergunworks.com/leather-goods-1 I will sell for 30.00 shipped.
  10. Good on ya'll. That is one of the reasons I was drawn to CAS. The people are always willing to help. You really don't get that in other shooting sports all the time.
  11. I sure hope this changes soon. I have a 73 Miroku that I would love to slick up some.
  12. Thanks. We don't have any good gun shops in my area that carry cowboy guns so I can go feel things and see for myself. Everything around here seems to carry mostly AR, AK and Glock stuff. I like that stuff too but my love is Cowboy guns.
  13. The ejector housing is precisely what I was wondering about. Wasn't sure if that would let it fit. Thanks.
  14. I was wondering for someone who may possibly own both or either. I am wondering if a typical slim jim style holster that was form fitted for the 1851 Navy will hole a 51 Conversion or 72 Open Top? I have the 1851 Navy Revolvers that have a pretty good set of holsters and I am thinking about either converting them to cartridge or possibly getting a pair of Open Tops but was wondering if the holsters I have now would still fit? Thanks.
  15. Wish you would have posted this price a couple days ago. I was looking hard for one of these in 45 and in .357. I found one though so bump for a beautiful rifle.
  16. I’m in Slidell, La but I do my reloading inside the house so sorry I can’t give any good pointers.
  17. Someone locally told me today that they had one coming this week. If it don't show up or I don't like it I'll let you know. Many thanks Deuce.
  18. Hello, I am in the market for a Miroku Winchester 1873 Short Rifle with Color Case Hardened frame in .45 Colt. None of the gun shops anywhere near me carry cowboy guns so looks like I will be needing to order online. Figured I would check here and see if any vendors on here have any and see the going prices. I know I can get one from Dirt Cheap or somewhere but wanted to give the possible vendors here a chance first. I would love to find one with decent colors. Thanks.
  19. Nice. I have 4 Rossi 92s in .357 and .45 Colt. Two each. I have always enjoyed them. They are very reliable and one of my .45 Colts is my go to gun for most things around the ranch. Accurate as can be.
  20. I have always had great service from Marbles also.
  21. Beautiful rifle. Which model is that one? 24" barrel?
  22. Slug your barrel first and order proper size as the 38-55 has such a wode variety of barrel sizes.
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