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  1. I'm a bit lazy when it comes to signing up for our state match. No idea why, it just takes me a while to send in the registration form. One year not too long ago the secretary of the club called me and demanded to know if I was going to be there. I said of course. I'm always there. Why the phone call? She said, because a lot of folks are asking to be on your posse so I need to make sure you'll be there for them to posse with. That felt good. A close second was when somebody came up to me after a match and said, DANG! You're nothing like Creeker. That felt GREAT!
  2. Chickens, sheep, lions, tigers, and bears..............Oh my! We better be careful or PETA's gonna be coming after some of you.
  3. Hey, that's a public service I provide. Do you want him out there wandering the streets alone?
  4. Oh I'm as pure as the driven slush. I've never tried to deny that. I just never realized there were so many folks here that make me look normal.
  5. In this thread I see the kind of people you hang around with. Bad judgement is an understatement.
  6. Wait! What? I thought we were talking about PWB. You mean I’m your only one too?
  7. I didn't question it because as I said in my OP, he's Krazy. And why bother with a wellness check? We KNOW he ain't well.
  8. Since living in Las Vegas is pretty much like living on the surface of the Sun I'm thinking there's much better reasons not to sit on metal chairs nekkit. But whatever works for you.
  9. Oh no, you've got it completely backwards. What you described is the fun that was taken away from us. The thread got locked before any of that excitement could happen.
  10. Simple question in the OP and Palewolf gave a simple, concise answer. No fuss, no muss. But then the thread got locked. Seriously? That was the recipe for at LEASE four more pages, a Time Out and possibly a ban from The Wire. Way to take away our fun Pale Wolf. P.S. I know the OP asked for that thread to be locked. So what? He's Krazy.
  11. I never saw John Wayne or Clint Eastwood use two hands. (That's not entirely true. I've seen The Man With No Name fan his six guns on a few occasions.) Duelist is coolest. On a slightly more serious note: As long as you're being safe and within the rules I don't give a rat's patoot how you shoot. We're all here for the same thing, to have fun. I'll do it my way and you do it yours. I've never EVER understood how somebody else's idea of fun could possibly detract from mine. Or how me using short stroked pistols and rifles could cause somebody else heartache. That just baffles the Hell out of me.
  12. I had this exact issue when I bought extra steel pins. I didn't pay attention to the length of the pins I was buying so ended up having to fish them out of about every other case after tumbling. When you tumble a few hundred cases at time that effort becomes a royal PTIA. I also destroyed more than one decapping pin on cases where I'd missed seeing a pin in them. That was what finally pushed me over the edge and caused me to ditch pins altogether. Yule Lose turned me onto Strat O Sheen. It's a jewelers burnishing compound. You use the exact same recipe you're using now in your tumbler but no pins. Just add a tablespoon of Strat O Sheen to the mix. After a couple of hours simply rinse and dry. Boom, you're done. No separating pins from cases. No pins stuck in the cases. Easy peasy and your brass comes out every bit as clean and shiny as it did with the pins. Strat O Sheen
  13. May I get some page and paragraph references for the above rules?
  14. Throughout Part 3 he and Zeus discuss John's relationship with Holly. They're still estranged. In the final scene Zeus talks John into calling Holly to try to begin working things out.
  15. No way to prove it one way or another but I think it's a very safe assumption to make that yes, holding the match during the school year does have that impact.
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