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  1. I ran into that with a Rossi ‘92 in my very early days. If you can, have someone watch you or even video you. I’m betting you’ve got some finger pulling on the trigger so the sear isn’t fully engaging, if at all. As you close the lever, the hammer follows it down since the sear never locked it back.
  2. You haven’t missed anything. Pretty moronic, even though directed by Stephen Spielberg.
  3. Yup, “1941” - John Belushi, Dan Akroyd
  4. I got some stuff from Ballistic Products from Santa. Looking forward to experimenting with shorter roll crimped shot shells for my ‘87. Yesterday I loaded some test rounds to try in my S&W Models 10 and 28 revolvers. That means fun at the range. I also loaded some .30 Carbine rounds for my M1. Also have some .45acp rounds I need to expend in my 1911. That means fun at the range. I now have everything I need to shoot my recently-acquired, unfired Black Rain Ordnance AR-15. That means fun at the range. I’ve recovered from last year’s triple bypass surgery, so I can have this fun at the range. Happiness is here.
  5. I don’t know what the newer ones are made of, but the ones on my 35 year old 650 are fine. I will add that I don’t fill the shot bottle much more than 1/2 way to reduce stress on the neck. I dump my powder back into its container at the end of a session. To do that requires tipping both bottles back and a bottle full of shot puts a fair amount of stress on it.
  6. I’m guessing Mrs. Rabbit has had enough of Mr. Rabbit’s romping around.
  7. That’s funny right there, I don’t care who you are. And true…
  8. At that price, buy a pound each of Old Eynsford, Goex, and Shuetzen in 2f, a pound of 3f OE, a pound of 4f Goex. Let us know what you think.
  9. Old Eynsford is made by Goex. Schutzen and Swiss are basically the same. If the other powder is Grafs, it’s the same as Schutzen. At least it was the time I bought it. The above powders reportedly burn cleaner than regular Goex. I’ve noticed minor differences, but not enough to be meaningful, especially not for your needs as you’re not shooting 50+ rounds at a time. Go with the best price. They’re all excellent.
  10. This stuff is pretty thin - like regular clear tape to wrap presents. https://www.amazon.com/Scotch-Double-Sided-Tape-Dispensers/dp/B002VLA5SI/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?adgrpid=53514987582&hvadid=664878250267&hvdev=m&hvlocphy=1020414&hvnetw=g&hvqmt=e&hvrand=12213730886060459109&hvtargid=kwd-309472811403&hydadcr=8373_13654467&keywords=scotch+2+sided+tape&qid=1704748430&sr=8-3
  11. https://patriotpost.us/articles/103389-nras-wayne-lapierre-heads-for-the-exit-2024-01-08
  12. Ah yes, those went on Mattel “Shootin’ Shell cartridges with the spring loaded plastic bullets. Find memories.
  13. Love mine, about 4-5 years now. Slyde King model. Highly recommend.
  14. That’s pretty spendy, which seems at odds with what an AK is supposed to be.
  15. Wish I could watch, but 5 minutes of commercials every 6 minutes to watch a movie edited to fit a time slot is too much for me. Same reason I no longer watch Grit TV.
  16. I suggest you have someone from the EM services in her area meet you at her house to review a plan.
  17. I’ve lived in places like that. When I was in high school, (St. Louis) the rule was public schools didn’t close unless there was 6” on the ground. Where I live now the threshold is much lower. They’ll even shut down under threat of bad weather.
  18. My wife broke her ankle a couple of years ago in a bedroom upstairs. (tripped on a dog bed!). No room for a gurney upstairs, so they carried her down by hand to a gurney waiting at the bottom of the stairs.
  19. I have to disagree Eyesa. The NRA lost sight of its original mission of promoting gun safety and shooting sports. Instead it became a political lobbying organization that had little to do with the 2nd amendment and became a liability. That activity should be the purview of PACs. To my knowledge, the other shooting sports/2A groups don’t draw the attention, ire and hatred that the NRA has brought upon itself.
  20. We mustn’t lose sight of the primary purpose of the lawsuit which is to dismantle the NRA entirely. I’m glad the rot has been exposed, but Letitia James said early on the NRA shouldn’t be allowed to exist. Hopefully a new board and structure will prevent that from happening.
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