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  1. A Sig AST Air Super Target air pistol cal. .177 pellet gun. I paid $368 + tax on Amazon for it. Will ship for $300 $215 and include Sig case. extra seals, sig pellets, and about 100 25" bullseye targets. This gun has 60 pellets through it. Accept PayPal, USPS MO, check or whatever. First "I'll take it" gets it. Background: I shot International Air Pistol for years starting in the early 1980's. Was using a high-end Walther and competing at the Rockville IWLA. Moved to WV in 2005 and stopped shooting air pistol; sold the Walther. Now that every local shooting competition is shut down due to the Kung Flu, started shooting postal air pistol matches to keep from going totally bonkers, using a Daisy 717 that I kept from 1982. Decided to upgrade it and bought the AST which is shaped like a Sig P210. The grip is like a 9mm, not an international air grip. Been doing good enough with the Daisy, so don't need the Sig. Getting too old for more safe queens.
  2. An interesting and very true quote: "He/she were educated beyond their level of intelligence." ---Anon
  3. Widder - The Lyman Reloading Handbook (mine is edition #49) specifically warns against attempting to form .357 Sig brass by necking down 40 S&W cases, as they will be approximately .020" short. They also warn against using 10mm cases due to use of a large primer. Suggest you read this section carefully as there is also a bunch of caution about which bullets to use. Bullets should be .355" diameter, not .357". Your powder charge is on the mild end of the load with the min. listed as 11.5 of AA#9, it's OK. My suggestion is to buy .357 Sig cases from Starline and to stop making due with substitutes. Also check your bullet diameter and get a Lyman manual.
  4. My $497 fed tax bill just cleared my account today. I'll use the incoming to pay off my 2016 Camry. Wife is due for a new vehicle after July when her Santa Fe reaches 10 warranty expiration. We are both so old, will just lease the next one.
  5. My Glocks and 1911's serve different purposes. Glocks for ASI and IDPA matches (mag. Capacity) and 1911 for WB. Also can shoot 10mm, .40 S&W, and .357 Sig in my G20 using the same mags.
  6. I spent 3 weeks bicycling in England and Ireland a while back. Could never figure how to bike a roundabout. Always put the bike on my shoulder and ran across it. The hardest thing is being a pedestrian in London and looking the wrong way when crossing a street. Too easy to get flattened in the center of the place with all the circles, squares, etc.
  7. Finally decided on a Sig Sauer ASP Super Target. It is similar to the FAS 6004 except for the grips and opening catch. Shaped like a Sig P210 and is made by Chippia in Italy. Deciding point was the Sig five year warranty plus Amazon availability. The FAS is hard to find. Cost $368.
  8. I qualified for the Olympic trials in International Air Pistol being conducted at Colorado Springs for the 1984 Olympics held in LA. Too much trouble to take a weeks annual leave. The tryouts were a weeks freebe at the Olympic Center, just had to pay air fare. Somehow managed to survive after not going.
  9. I'm hunkering down and getting bored. No CAS anywhere for a while. I shot International Air Pistol in competition for a long time until moving to WV, where it is not done near me. Shot it in my basement for a while until starting local IDPA, trap and ASI. Recently all nearby competition shooting has stopped due to the Kung Flu. Sold my air pistols after moving (Walther CP3 and a Bakial IZM). Managed to keep a Daisy 717 for kicks. Anyhow, thinking about setting up another basement air gun range and am wondering if anyone has experience with the latest pneumatic single-stroke air pistols. Not interested in spending 2K for a really good one (compressed air type and having to fiddle with tanks) but would like a decent gun. Seems like all the remaining single-strokes are mostly for plinking. Air Venturi ( mod V10) and Chippia (mod FAS 2004) still make what it possibly seems like I'm looking for in the $3-400 range. Don't want to buy an older used good quality gun and then have to deal with seal/repair issues. Meanwhile, will phart with the Daisy. Appreciate any thoughts/suggestions on the matter; thanks.
  10. I'll take them. Skunk season is here and I have to check my yard at night before letting the dog out. Nothing but cow pastures between my house and a quarry. Lots of critters roaming at night. PM me with payment details; thanks.
  11. Sitting on top of my lawn mower in the garage.
  12. I worked with a guy who was a USPHS officer during the Vietnam era. His comment: "The Yipee's motto at that time was "Better Red than Dead." Ours was "Better Pink than Inconvenienced."" I believe he worked in DC.
  13. Flaco Joe - I'll take them. Been using Lee dies and they suck. PM me with payment details; have PayPal.
  14. At the present time, every match around me has closed due to the virus. I believe I'll clean all my guns and chrony all of the different types of ammo that has been accumulating for a while. B Bruce lives around the corner from me and there is nothing going on in the shooting arena. Now that he cannot go to matches, his interest will move back up. Bruce - Did you move when you bought the house; if so where to?
  15. Cody is first rate. Have a Codymatic 73 that I got in 2007' works great. Had him slick up a pair of Ruger New vaqueros at the same time. They also work great. A really good smith.
  16. Loophole - You are correct, I mixed up Hull with Buzzards Bay. My aunt had a cottage on Peddocks Island which is across the Hull Gut from Hull. I spent many a summer there as a kid. The bell is at the MMA. I took my father there in Sept. 2001 (he was 91) and he donated a bunch of photos, etc. to the Academy and met with the Commandant. Was given the red carpet treatment. The school is a class act and a big credit to the state. BTW - We drove up on Sept. 11. I wanted to fly to Logan, but my dad said he was tired of airports. Was a wise decision on his part. Kept hearing the horror stories from mid-PA until we got to my Aunt's in Lexington.
  17. My Dad got caught in a hurricane on it in 1933. They got blown from the Azores to Nova Scotia for almost a week. They were unable to use the stoves because of the severe weather, so they ate sardines and hardtack the entire time. He never ate another sardine. Also, their radio antennas were wrecked, so no communications. Created a huge panic in Boston as the Germans had lost a similar cadet training ship with 69 dead in a storm a year earlier. My Dad's father was an engineer on a Swedish cargo ship that hit an iceberg in 1884 and sunk. He ended up in Newfoundland and later immigrated to the US. He never went to sea again.
  18. Gambler - SB = "Steam Brig". The ship was built in 1880 when the US did not have many overseas coal refueling stations. The warships of that era sailed to their destination and only fired up the engines when going into battle or a port. It was sort of the equivalent of a light cruiser. Its bell and steering wheel is at the Mass. Maritime Academy in Hull, MA, while its engine is at the US Maritime Academy on Long Island. It was 165' long with 90' masts and I believe about 100 cadets. Served in both WWI & II as an anti-sub chaser. Had a long and honorable career, serving mainly as a Navy survey ship on the West Coast. Held the record for the most crossings of the equator. Its home port when my father went to school on it was the Charlestown Shipyard berthed next to the USS Constitution. The cadets lived on the ship all year round. He went on three 3-month cruses on it: North Sea, Mediterranean, and Africa.
  19. This was my dad's school ship at the Massachusetts Nautical School (now the Mass Maritime Academy) which he graduated from in 1933 as an electrical engineer. It was originally the USS Ranger; was the SB Nantucket when he served on her.
  20. Bought a Ruger SP-101 from him; was an excellent transaction. Great pard to do business with.

  21. I can speak about the .44 Marlin having owned and used one in CAS from 2001-07; still use it for Wild Bunch. Switched to .38 in CAS and started using a Codymatic 73. The Marlin has been worked on (not short stroked) by Mid-Maryland and is not quite as fast as the 73, but equally reliable. Use medium cowboy loads of Trail Boss under a 200 gr. LRFP. Had one issue with the "Marlin Jam" afterabout 10 years which was quickly fixed with a new carrier. Had the old one repaired by one of smiths on the wire and have it for a backup. Just remember to keep all the screws tight and the Marlin is like a Timex, just keeps on ticking. As it's a JM made gun, can always get way more than I paid for it. Was thinking about a Uberti 73 in .44 but only shoot about six Wild Bunch matches a year. I am one of the few individuals who has had issues with a Henry .22 and got rid of it when I found a Marlin "B" prefix Model 39 made in 1941 for the same price as a Henry .22. Don't know about the .44 Henry's, but the .22's internals appear to me to be a low-cost design and very difficult to service.
  22. Lawman - For some unknown reason, the Wire stated that you cannot receive messages. Please try to PM me.


    Church Key

    1. Wasatch Lawman
    2. Wasatch Lawman

      Wasatch Lawman

      Sorry, I am out of town and just read this.  My address is

      Mike Gerhardt

      4458 W  1500 N

      Plain City, Ut.  84404


      what is your PayPal account?

    3. Church Key, SASS # 33713

      Church Key, SASS # 33713

      Lawman - It's:  petergrahn@aol.com


      I'll mail the package tomorrow and let you know the tracking #.


      Church Key

  23. Widowmaker - I tested out four different types of new commercial ammo with my stock Glock 20 and again with a Lone Wolf 6" barrel. This was an attempt to get the Underwood ammo to work for me. The results are as follows: Glock 20 Ammo Test 1/25/17 Manufacturer Load Average FPS Extreme Spread FPS Standard Deviation Barrel Armscor 10mm 180gr. 1117 41 15 Glock 4.6” HPR 10mm 165gr. 1223 29 11 Same Remington .40 180gr. 899 32 12 Same Underwood 10mm 180gr. 1269 67 28 Same Armscor 10mm 180gr. 1166 19 19 Lone Wolf 6” HPR 10mm 165gr. 1298 9 9 Same Remington .40 180gr. 942 20 20 Same Underwood 10mm 180gr. 1304 23 23 Same I could not get the Underwood to stop jamming, even with switching out the stock RSA to a 24lb Wolf spring. The hot rod HPR 165gr. ammo was pleasant to shoot, the 180gr. Underwood, not so. I decided to order a Lone Wolf .40 S&W barrel and a bunch of Freedom Munitions .40 ammo with a 165gr. bullet to try in IDPA. I normally shoot a Ruger GP100 Match Champion with .38 spl., but thought I'd give the Glock a try for giggles. It's something I put together a while back with an old 2nd gen lower and a new 3rd gen upper. Just something to fiddle with. Anyhow, the 10mm can really scream and is fun. Blackey - Still looking.
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