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  1. Including all of the history and/or reasoning behind the current rules would TRIPLE (at least!) the size of SHB.
  2. Not at the sanctioned match level (or at clubs that follow SASS rules): SHB p.6 SHB p.46 But consider that... SHB p.5
  3. Pachmayr DIAMOND PRO grips (on it when I bought it) . Very comfortable in the hand and excellent recoil absorption.
  4. Expect a bit of dissent from those who may have gone to the expense of modifying "Modern" revolvers to comply with current class category regulations.
  5. I would suggest posting this on the TG Wire to get feedback from those who would be voting on any rule change. The Territorial Governors could then poll their respective members on the issue. It would also have to be approved by the combined WB/ROC as a discussion/agenda item to be sent out for a vote. REF: https://forums.sassnet.com/index.php?/topic/298614-message-from-the-roc/
  6. The pdf opened for me. The linked post opens when I "click" on the post title.
  7. There's a LINK on the SASS HOME page. Rulebooks and RO Course materials are also accessible from the "Training and Safety: Range Officer Safety Courses" link (below the lists of RO Instructors). The link to the website AoH refers to (Rule Clarifications Archives) is accessible from the "Shooter's Handbooks" page just above the Mounted Handbooks. A comprehensive list of current ROC clarifications (on that site) is forthcoming (no ETA at this time)
  8. Another benefit to requiring SASS membership is that it drastically cuts down the number of scammers by making verification of true identity much easier.
  9. Yes, they do. The SASS numbers are on the "profile" to the left of the posts; not in the text or headings of the Classifieds posts. Threads initiated by non-SASS members are regularly "reported" to the Moderators (as yours were) and deleted. The "Classifieds" guidelines are posted in two locations stating that forum is restricted to "Members Only" re initiating WTB/WTS.
  10. Not wrong at all...that's exactly what I posted in the 2nd quote above.
  11. Scroll down below the lists of RO Instructors: SASS 2019-2020 Certified RO Instructors by Region- USA There is currently only one standing committee: SASS RANGE OPERATIONS COMMITTEE (ROC)
  12. The "big brothers" to my other one: 629-1 6" 629-5 4" (balances a bit better, IMO)
  13. Is this the same rifle? https://www.n-ssa.net/vbforum/showthread.php/18855-1864-Model-5-Burnside-Unusual-Engraving
  14. My first was an 8.375 629 (early '80's). Latest is a 4" 629-5. My favorite is still this Mag-Na-Ported 3" 629-1 ordered from the S&W Performance Center after reading numerous period articles about the Lew Horton models. I used to carry this as a camp gun while elk hunting in bear country.
  15. A few more "possible" warning indicators: Phone number search (on various sites) brings up multiple names and/or locations, often tagged as "possible or verified" scam numbers. Suspicious email address used to log on to this site (the moderators have access to that information). Log-in name not the same as "alias" used in text. ... ...
  16. One of Bohannon's revolvers used in "Hell on Wheels" is an 1862 .44 cal. percussion Dance & Brothers .
  17. That is not a "makers mark". It refers to the type of metal itself: ...and that Mayan calendar "expired" in 2012. It's still a nice piece for the price (I have a few similar items, including a belt buckle).
  18. VTI GUN PARTS (schematic & parts list)
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