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  1. Must be those 'performance enhancing pills that Doc fella is takin..sure ain't slowin down ..& lefty well he's just poetry in motion....
  2. If you are looking to change out parts then Mad Dog guns & gear on the Gold Coast Qld is worth a try or Cowboy guns in Cowra NSW.
  3. Ah for a Beretta Renegade that even makes it better ..great job
  4. Must be me but I thought the lever worked perfectly well the way they are......
  5. WOW what an entertainer, very sad ..condolences to family & friends..
  6. Alright, alright 'ya got me ..I put an extra dash in...I mean't to say 3 1/2 hours !!! ...now where's my scalpin' knife
  7. You mean the birds chirpin' in the forest.....yep.
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