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  1. Howdy BS..That's a cool pic you posted..I never did get a photo of my signature on the wall..any chance you could get one..are you allowed on the old range ? It would have been 2011..wow how time flys !!!!

    Thanks if you can........stay safe & well friend ..Cheers 'Mohawk


    PS I missed out on meeting UB that year as he was unwell..talk to him sometimes on the wire..say hi & give him my best wishes..thanks

  2. Father Kit Cool

                                   It's unfortunate that some people are allowed to breath, I enjoy your posts immensely  & look forward to reading what you contribute.

    I hope that maybe one day  you can say 'stuff 'em &  grace us with your presence on the wire again..take care & best wishes.

      Regards from 'Painted Mohawk [ Aus ]

  3. Major

               You can get the sights in Australia

    Mad Dog guns & gear on the Gold Coast has them.

    $ 100 for 2 x pistol.

    $ 35 for rifle [ they are small , med or large ]

    Yes a lot of $$ but they are good.

    Maddog Tannon # 0400211403 [ tell him I said to ring ]

    Will u make it to Grafton 2nd w'end in June ?


      Regards 'Mohawk

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    2. Major Crimes

      Major Crimes

      I just spoke to him. I need to get some measurements for him and may bring some guns up for him to work on.

      I prob wont shoot at the comp (having trouble with one of the SASS Pro's and may have to send it back to the shop) but will try and come up for the day on Sat.

    3. Painted Mohawk SASS 77785

      Painted Mohawk SASS 77785

      No worries, hopefully we will catch up

    4. Major Crimes

      Major Crimes

      Thanks for the intro to Mad Dog.

      I am bringing up all my guns (if the pistol is back in time otherwise the rifle and shotty) for him to work on.

      I will come to the shoot on Sat to watch and handover the guns.

      I will keep an eye out for you.


  4. Howdy Ruby

                        I have a friend in Forida that would like to shoot in Australia [ Cowboy ]..wants to know the procedure for bringing his guns.

    As you have done it many times would you be able to list what you have to do..thanks.

    Hope all is well your end..hi to Trinity.

                     Regards ..Mohawk

    1. Ruby Redsmoke

      Ruby Redsmoke

      Hey Mohawk


      When is he coming over?


      You have to apply to the police first, about two months prior, then Customs about a month prior.


      They are pretty persnickety with all the paper work, it's a marathon effort!


      Each state is different and if you go to different states have to get permits for each one!




      https://www.police.qld.gov.au/programs/weaponsLicensing/fees/forms/Documents/Visitors Licence.pdf


      Customs are normally worse to deal with than the Police.







    2. Painted Mohawk SASS 77785

      Painted Mohawk SASS 77785

      Thanks Ruby

                             He's [ Confederate Colt ] not sure when yet, just making early enquiries. Would like to shoot Skye & Lonesomes BP shoot..thanks for your help.Good luck at EOT..forgot to tell you I used your 'RR cart at 015 WR..take care

                                 Regards 'Mohawk

  5. Howdy

    Ya 'gunna come up to Chisholm Trail this year...regards Mohawk

  6. Thanks for the offer Jabez..regards Mohawk

  7. Howdy Vicious..just a quick hello..watched a youtube re the United Nations wanting all countries to take our handguns away ..& that 'dang Canadian Government is right in there amongst it...don't worry ours is just as bad..& Obama well he's just an idiot..had me say see' ya Mohawk

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