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  1. Good chance of finding a family of cannibals though.
  2. SEE!! That's what happens when you stop and ask directions.
  3. And that was just the Women's team.
  4. That's not him on the bike I hope! If it is though, I bet it got interesting when a squirrel ran out in front of him.
  5. Now, the jingle finally makes sense...My bologna has a first name...
  6. Ironically, Jimi Hendrix passed away 53 years ago today. Stevie Ray passed away 33 years ago on the 27th. Both passed with the boundless talents still in their infancy. The world was robbed of what might have been.
  7. No we won't. By that time it'll just be a faded black, unintelligible blob of ink.
  8. I'll pick up any denomination of money. Coincidentally, I picked up exactly a nickel and a penny yesterday. While working in parking lots for 3 years, I picked up a bunch of change and a few paper bills also. I'll say that over that 3 year span, I picked up close to $20 in change and about $40 in paper bills (one was a $20). Had to work at a few car washes over the years also doing electrical repairs. Believe it or not, there was always lots of change on the ground where the vacuum's were located. Don't know why. I pick it up because I'm cheap AND poor.
  9. I know this isn't an instrumental, nor is it particularly cheerful...but it's always brought me peace...
  10. Yeah, that may be true but that amount of time is just a drop in the bucket.
  11. When they said that heads will roll, I didn't think that they meant it.
  12. Gives a whole new meaning to "Your mind's in the gutter".
  13. My grand score is 0 and proud of it. BTW - A zero score means you've done all 20. Just got to read the instructions guys!
  14. Photoshopped. Streets don't cross streets..
  15. I guess it would all depend upon the circumstances. It's really a one shot .45acp derringer, hardly an offensive gun. Nostalgia aside, still a pos though. Still would like to have one.
  16. Isn't the car on the left a Superbird?
  17. It was a short range (5' mol) last stand weapon. A cheap pos then and an expensive pos now. I'd love to have one.
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