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  1. It was 40 degrees this morning just south of you Dawg. It'll be 76+ w/humidity here on Tuesday. Because we don't get the cold weather too often, I like days like today...I know what's coming in June and I'll remember this day and this post.
  2. And now you're either cold, sunburnt or both...and still broke.
  3. When the thread has been in the Saloon for a while, I start looking at the posts from the most recent to the line that says "Unread posts". Been a while since I read this thread...had to go back up to the title to see what it was about to begin with.
  4. Billy Gibbons, with his beard tucked into his t-shirt.
  5. I'm the one that wishes I was anywhere else....anywhere!
  6. It really depends on the contract with the lawyer. My understanding is that the lawyer gets between 45 to 75% of the total awarded verdict. An acquaintance of mine hired a well known ambulance chaser. Chaser got 65% of the take, the take being $450,000. He wasn't hurt $150,000+ bad, he was just pissed off at the lowball offer made by the insurance company and made them pay.
  7. He's in for a surprise when he gives the "dog" a belly rub.
  8. Non-professionals that are either too stupid to know that they need a ladder to do roofing or non-professionals that are too lazy to get their own damn ladder off their truck.
  9. So much for the Sounds of Silence.
  10. Snaking out the toilet while he's s itting there.
  11. I don't have any experience with the .30 Super Carry but I will suggest this if she buys one. Buy at least 5 extra magazines, more if possible. Buy the reloading dies and plenty of bullets and brass for it if she likes it. If the gun is not popular, ammo will get hard to get and original magazines will be outrageously expensive in as few as 10 years after falling out of favor.
  12. You need an attorney, one of those big name, hated, ambulance chasers. The insurance company is trying to completely screw you, especially on the compensation for your immediate injuries and provide NOTHING for hidden/future complications. Get an attorney, quick. Let them do the talking and all negotiating for you. Remember, YOU are the innocent victim of someone else's negligence and should receive fair compensation for your property and injuries.
  13. I'm not a popcorn fan. If I go to the movies, I'll get a handful of my gal's popcorn...yep, it's popcorn. She'll make it about once a week while she watches tv, about once a month I try a small handful...yep, it's popcorn. She brought some Chicka POP home....man, I couldn't stay out of it. Good stuff.
  14. He was just on here 33 minutes ago. Time of this post is 09:23.
  15. Has anyone received any replies from Hey Galloway since his initial posting?
  16. I go to the post office and use the postal receptacle INSIDE the post office. Sounds like a hassle but I have my reasons. Reasons: - I watched a mail jeep driving on a main road spewing mail from the rear of the "jeep" out of an open rear hatch or door (I don't remember which). This mail was coming out of one of those large khaki sacks. - I've witnessed people driving around checking mailboxes with flags up and stealing the mail out of them. Got the tag number on one of them, called the Sheriff's office...they didn't want to take a report, seemed like they didn't care. - I've seen the big blue drop boxes stuffed so full that the mail was actually overflowing...and idiots were still trying to stuff mail in them. - I've seen kids and teens dumping drinks, food, fireworks, etc. in the big blue boxes with both the door and the 3" slot. - It just seems like it would be too easy to steal mail out of the big blue boxes. I'm a luddite, I still use the USPS to mail bills as I have few "auto pay" accounts.
  17. I never noticed this before... Cons Piracy. Coincidence? I don't think so.
  18. Except for the ones in the post office parking lot, I haven't seen one for a few years now. I guess they have them outside the strip store PO's but have advised folks to not use them due to criminals stealing the mail out of them. Personally, I take my mail to the PO and use the indoor receptacle or manned counter.
  19. Never had one or needed one. There were 3,000,000+ other people from south of the border that never had one and apparently didn't need one either.
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