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  1. Sedalia Dave, Return PM sent to you....thanks OK
  2. Sedalia Dave, I'd be interested in about a dozen or so of your "Hot Pinks." Can you send me a PM with your payment requirements and where to send the $$? Many thanks. OK
  3. I could not agree more! I've done business with Taylor's on several occasions and their customer service (not to mention their products) is always top notch. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone in the SASS community.
  4. Now, if you ask Billy Bob, that's not the way it happened at all...they just took him to the wall and shot him. Ta' hell with the Geneva Conventions, dontcha know??
  5. Howdy Mike, I don't know whether you're talking about brass you've ordered that's already paid for, or not. But, if not, I've got several hundred rounds of C45S, once fired, from brand new American Cowboy ammo, that I'm planning to sell. It's cleaned and deprimed. If you're interested, send me a PM for further information. Price is 25 cents per round plus shipping...sold in 100 round lots. Best regards, Okoboji Kid
  6. Another vote from here that it's a great song! Thanks for sharing....now, I'm going back to listen to it again
  7. Charley, If you're still possibly looking for an Evil Roy in SS, you might want to check Davidson's Galley of Guns. www.galleryofguns.com/ Click on Gun Finder (Gun Genie) and do a search on Cimmarron. It will progress you through a series of selections until you get to Evil Roy and Stainless. I note that they have 2 in stock in 5.5 SS in .357 and 1 in stock in .45 (you didn't say what caliber you wanted.). You'll also note that they ask for your zip code--that is so they can ascertain whether they have an affiliated dealer anywhere close to you, where the actual sale can take place..
  8. Howdy Charlie, I shoot the Evil Roy's in stainless--4 3/4" barrel. In fact, my profile pic shows one in hand and one on the hip. I like them a lot--they're smooth and very well balanced. I think they can be a little hard to find these days, especially in 5 1/2" barrel. I also don't think they are quite as accurate as my Uberti Cattlemen in 7 1/2" (maybe it's just me, or maybe the longer barrels do make a difference). But, I'd recommend them if you can find them. I've also got a pair of USFA''s in 7 1/2" which feel wonderful in the hand and are as smooth as silk. Unfortunately, I've
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