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  1. Lassiter has always slicked up my 97's- He's one of the Best. Hells Comin
  2. She is SPECIAL!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS. See u at Bordertown. Hells Comin
  3. Hells Comin

    Speed 97

    Location- Gunsmoke TO- Lassiter start position- both hands on shotgun scenario - shoot the 4 knockdowns until down. A few years ago I took Robyn da Vault (Matt) under my wing and shared my technique on shooting the 97. Well It's time for him to leave the nest! We ended up with the exact same time. 2.86 seconds Hells Comin
  4. Congratulations to the both of you- it a pleasure to shoot with you guys. See you down the road. Hells Comin
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