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  1. Howdy fellas and ladies, might goofup might be your godsend I got a really good deal on two Howell conversion cylinders for 36 caliber 1851 navy steel frame revolvers I ordered the wrong brand I ended up with two brand new conversion cylinders but for Uberti revolvers Like I said they’re brand-new never been fired Would anyone be interested in them I am sorry them at $215.99 apiece I like to sell them as a pair I meant to say I am selling them for $215.99 apiece but I like to sell them as a pairI meant to say I am selling them for $215.99 apiece but I like to sell them as a pair
  2. Frontier Lone Rider I am in the Martinsburg area
  3. As an old Marine I’d love to know how they did that, I started that wonderful life in 1985 sometimes felt like I did all my life, I’m looking forward to meeting y’all making some new pards God bless you all keep your Bible and close and you’re guns closer westbound Reb
  4. Howdy all of y’all! I am looking for a 357/38 lever action rifle, I don’t care what brand it is as long as it’s Sass approved!!! Thanks and me and Copper will see y’all down the trail
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