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  1. Well, the spelling is off, but I have two Cymarron, pistol Lear and 38 caliber. I’m wondering if anyone else have shot these pistols. Anything that’s going wrong things I should know what has been your experience. I’m fairly new to know I’m very new to cowboy action shooting went to my first shoot last June and I’m trying out a new pair of pistols hopefully for a shoot in February. they are Cimarron Pistoleer in 38 caliber
  2. Thank you Fellers I’ll look that up tomorrow. My dog got a possum so we’re having possum peas and corn and I’m pretty worn out than a, rough day outside. Thanks again fellas God bless you. Hope you had a good Christmas and happy new year !!
  3. So I have a 20 gauge sxs shotgun, I am short on ammo, what brands are recommended for Sass shoots? I have used Skeet ammo before but that dried up thanks Westbound Reb
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