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  1. What revolvers will fit holsters including barrel length! Thanks, DC

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    2. Wyatt Hurts SASS#72737

      Wyatt Hurts SASS#72737

      It is really well made and so one of a kind

    3. Diamond Curly SASS#57086

      Diamond Curly SASS#57086

      They looked short but thought I would ask. I only shoot 7 1/2 or 8 inch open tops. Good looking rig. DC

    4. Wyatt Hurts SASS#72737

      Wyatt Hurts SASS#72737

      Might work still the barrels would extend through the bottom

  2. My brother lives in Glendale and I will see when he is coming up to visit and send the brass with him. I tried to decap  them tonight and my all caliber die does not work on the25-20, go figure.  I will keep you posted. I usually fly down to visit him during Winter Range but would not be able to carry them on the plane. I will keep you posted. DC

  3. I will still pay the $375.00 for the Dragoon & holster shipped. Thanks, DC

    1. Sonny Blue Sky

      Sonny Blue Sky

      I can't do that If it doesn't sell I will just keep it. But Thanks

    2. Diamond Curly SASS#57086

      Diamond Curly SASS#57086

      Thanks for the reply. DC

  4. I checked out our local USPO  and a UPS office and they want between $85.00 - $110.00 plus $45.00 more for a box to ship it. Sounds too high for me but just letting you know. Rates have really increased this past year. Thanks, DC

    1. The Telemark Kid

      The Telemark Kid

      Hi Diamond Curly,

      Wow!  That is a lot to ship, but I need one and I'm ready to pull the trigger.  Please call me so I can get your money going to you;-)

      Thank you so much!

      Kirk, aka: The Telemark Kid

      541-482/180 eight

  5. I have got an older Lyman new army that I can give you a deal on that I have had a long time. it has an eight barrel that you can cut down. Let me know what you think. DC

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    2. McCandless


      Sounds like a plan. Will do.




    3. McCandless


      Diamond Curly,

      My apologies, I thought I had sent this out.  But, I just saw the envelope still sitting on the corner of my cluttered desk/work-top.  I'm trying to send this out via Priority Mail, but the post office site won't take this, William Edick, 239 Bailey Colorado 80421.  Do you have a city or town name I can plug into that line?



      Again, I'm sorry for making you wait on this.


    4. Diamond Curly SASS#57086

      Diamond Curly SASS#57086

      The address is 239 Bailey Drive, Bailey, Colorado 80421. I forgot to put in the city, thanks, DC

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