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  1. I have a 1911 with a Springfield frame with original invoice from DCMP in 1960 for $17.50. Was the last of the pistol sales until the recent lottery.
  2. Well I had some Federal only cases and when I ran them the belling went much better. I will be cleaning and doing a bit of fine tuning and try mixed brass. Thanks all
  3. Sometimes a 380 sneaks on as well as an occasional 38 super but they are usually easy to see The 38 supers bell real nice
  4. Thanks for the information I am going to check things out. I have a lot of federal cases will run some to see if its a case length problem. Will also check out the shell and proceed from there. If it is case length I ll have to see who needs 6,000 mixed cases Thanks!
  5. My 650 seems to be giving me a bit of trouble with belling. Not loading a SASS caliber right now, doing 9mm, and getting lead shavings on some of the rounds. I can see differences on the bell as the cases go by but not all of them shave. I am using coated bullets and have used 2 different brands with the same result. I have adjusted the powder drop for the belling but don't want to go to far. Would appreciated any ideas. Thanks Pill Roller
  6. Good article thanks for the link Have been using frog lube ,hoppes #9, ballistol and kroil oil. yep I have had the frog lube build but it was due to my enthusiasm in application. I use it on all guns. I use the other products as intended for specific uses, but do think one shot may be added
  7. Veteran's grave flag stands are another favorite. Tie plates from the RR I worked for disappeared regularly too. I think scrap yard dealers have to check some items out before accepting them
  8. Been to Fredericksberg twice and ate at the same German resautant both times. Can't remember the name but we enjoy it. It was on the opposite side of the street from the Museum of the Pacific War. Watch your speed in Kerrville. Don't ask
  9. Agree I like Cabelas better than Bass Pro But now all one company hopefully there wont be many changes to the Cabelas model I dont feel Bass Pro is as gun friendly as Cabelas ie: no used guns at Bass Pro
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