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  1. Thanks Joe your information is greatly appreciated!
  2. Thanks Joe I don’t have the gun to inspect it’s in an action. I’m more interested if it is the later style that doesn’t have the cross pin.
  3. Would a Uberti 73 rifle with serial number starting with W26 have the new style bolt? It’s a 44wcf thanks
  4. Last contact I had with Colt he wasn't working on guns anymore. I sent you a private message with his contact number.
  5. I've had good luck with Missouri bullet, SNS, and Cimarron bullets. I haven't seen any Red Dot for a year or so. My local gun store has an eight pound jug of Promo which I've been to told has a burn rate and loads the same as Red Dot. I have never used any so I can't substantiate that claim.
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