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  1. Gotta get in line w/ all ya'll about it ------don't wanna kill anything I don't have to--------grew up in rural Arkansas in 1940's --rabbits ,squirrels --fish were all to be put on dinner table-----still like taste of fried rabbit-----sitting in sunroom on back of house---regularly watching deer & other kinds o animals go thru my back yard----enjoy seeing em!!-----See too many tho laying on roadside dead-----lots &lots of Armadilo's all over road-----but NEVER see one alive they must be pretty good at hiding out in day time!!!
  2. Been banging away for over 25 years now with my old 20 ga. Stoger coachgun---it's worked fine with store bought ammo or my reloads-----also got several 12 ga. coach guns ---I just use whatever I wanna use!!!
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