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  1. I always keep my boxes just in case I sell them or my heirs sell them. I won't keep anything in them any more though due to rust. gun socks seem the way to go instead.
  2. Lowes sells charcoal grills and advertised the smoker attachment. I wondered about smoking a turkey and was looking at recipes but all of them are talking about electric smokers and one even said it would take too long to smoke on a normal grill. My plan was to mainly use quality oak and grilling woods and not charcoal except to get the fire started. This is a regular cast iron grate grill with mini grill you attache to build a fire for smoking
  3. The good news is the conversation keeps the post near the top for a buyer to find
  4. I got my 625 for last Christmas from my wife and son and it is real accurate. Mine is the Jerry Miculek version.
  5. I looked and the 686 is 2 ounces heavier than the ruger gp100 but the ruger is more balanced in its design and I guess handled the recoil better. The grip seems slightly different width and may help as well
  6. Having tried the smith 686 and 60 and kimber and colt new cobra and having some pain from the pinched nerve I thought I would try the ruger GP100. I tried one with the older wood in the center grips. Very little pain or discomfort resulted. I believe I will use it from now on.
  7. Glad I asked. I use the plastic boxes to support the top shelf since it sags . I lay them on their spin. The guns were in them but I took them out now.
  8. Colt puts their 1911 in a plastic bag after oiling the pistol. If you kept it in the plastic bag in the blue box would rust etc still be a problem? I gave seen people selling colt black powder guns that rusted out of the plastic in the foam in the case
  9. I still refuse to buy any remington rifle because the way the handled the safety problems with their model 700.
  10. I bought one when we had a queen bed 16 years ago and 12 years ago we went to a king and bought select comfort again. We put the queen in the cabin by the pond for when we are there
  11. It didn't hold its value then like I had hoped. Thank you.
  12. I don't have a blue book so am curious what a used S & W model 60 Pro Series is worth. Less than 100 rounds through it.
  13. in the advertisement for the Defender it says there are deals and discounts for the buyer. Upon taking the steps to get to the discounts it is around $10 off a holster, magazines, items for other guns.
  14. sad to see a good dog go. I used to not care but we now have an old dog we got as a puppy for the children and he indeed protects them and follows them wherever they go and if I am outside howls for me to pet him and wags his tail if I look his way. I now know the value of a good dog.
  15. I am thinking of getting a 17WMR rifle for shooting soft shell turtles that eat my fish or other vermin where a 22 would bounce but a 17 would go through. While at the store they recommended a Hawke scope for 17 HMR . Would it make a difference if the rifle it is put on is a 17WMR? Is the hawke a good scope? this one had various ranges on the reticle so I really liked it. it was 4 power which my eyes need.
  16. We were in a bad drought and my 4 acre pond was at least 2 feet low but we had a large amount of rain and my pond overflowed my drain and siphon and created an 8 feet wide knee deep river in the run around. All in one day of rain.
  17. I didn't need one but missed the Springfield mil-spec I owned when I was in the army. It was my first 1911. I ordered the Defender from my dealer. It followed me home. I jumped in my holster and loaded its magazine. Sigh. I'm in love. Smooth, reliable with no hiccups with the factory or a Wilson magazine with 185 grain hollow points. It is accurate enough to hit the head swinging target on my steel terrorists with a hostage target. I'm glad it came home. I like the 3 dot sights. My eyes can still see them. I like it also because it is similar in price to RIA or other cheap brands but has better sights.
  18. I reported a few days ago I was having trouble with a pinched nerve in my neck that effects my hand in the web of the thumb that no longer tolerates 357. Today I finished my testing. I compared a Kimber K6 with 2 inch barrel, a S & W model 60 Pro Series and the new Colt King Cobra 3 inch barrel as well as a S & W 686. This was with 357 158 grain soft point hollow point by Remington. As far as accuracy all were fairly equal. 1. S & W model 60- fuggitaboutit. !! I'd prefer to chop my hand off to get it over with. with 38 it is not bad but not with 357. It was tolerable before my injury that the Doc said he fixed. Now it is unbearable . I will sell it. 2. S & W 686- It hurt for a long time afterwards even though the 686 is a large frame heavy pistol. no longer enjoyable to shoot it. I keep it because I once got it from a deputy I worked with when I was a city officer and soon afterwards he died, so it is more sentimental than anything anyway. 3. Kimber K6s - this one is just fine with 38 but hurts like the devil with 357. I carry it nearly every day but not with 357. 4. New Colt King Cobra - This one was not bad. It bothered me some but no where near like the rest. I will keep it.
  19. No thank you. Maybe for fun I could buy a can of the pumpkin spice spam for the emergency food bag and next time the power goes out make it for supper. Better yet next time a child goes on a school field trip and needs a lunch, pack a sandwich made with pumpkin spice spam
  20. BTT. I can do $1,850 shipped. I will post this to another forum so the first "I'll take it" on the posting gets it.
  21. I felt that yesterday and today Houston seemed to not hustle the same as the Nationals. It felt like they were too confident. Yesterday the left fielder got scared of the wall and stopped short and the ball went by his head and runners scored, then the hitter who thought he hit a home run and realized he better run and cheered himself at second base instead of 3rd or home.
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