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  1. my oldest son loves his atv. He loves mud holes. He took the tractor and made another mud hole in the woods and wanted me to see it and approve it. I prefer shady trails with an occasional mud. I nearly always wear snake boots in the woods. One reason is I hate snakes. The other is my snake boots are about the only comfortable shoe I have. I hate having diabetes. As I put on my snake boots and my shoulder holster that holds my S and W Governor that I use to help hold my pants up due to weight loss causing them to fall down, my oldest son makes fun. He tells his mom that whenever I go to the woods I act like I'm going to war. Off we go and get to the new mud hole that is currently dry as dust as you may have noticed in the picture of the new puppy. I look down and noticed a less than 2 feet long baby rattlesnake crawling by my feet. BOOM goes the governor. The head is suddenly mangled. A diamond back rattlesnake is no more. The puppy decided to play with it and grabbed its head so we took it away from him and threw it into the woods. Always be prepared.
  2. I'm wondering if they were accurate when they told me it was a lab and bulldog mix. I don't see much bulldog. Hope they didn't mean pit bull dog
  3. yes, it is a he. sorry. my son named him Ruger
  4. when we moved to the country from the suburbs of Atlanta a homeless kitten showed up but the kids wanted a dog. I found 2 mixed lab and shepherd and likely other breeds and they turned out to be wonderful dogs. The oldest was 9 at the time. The youngest was 2. The dogs let her twist and pull on their faces without complaining and followed the youngest everywhere. When she was 8 the brother disappeared. His sister passed a year or so after we got her, but he lived 6 years and disappeared. We really miss him. He was black and would quietly walk up to you in the dark and startle you. He was the alpha dog. After his sister dies we got 2 more lab mix dogs for 2 of the children. The black dog was the oldest son's dog. After a few months we decided to replace it with a lab and bulldog mix according to the owner in town. They lived in a run down house across from the funeral home. We brought it home and it was heavily infested with fleas. We bathed it several days in dawn soap and it is better. We noticed very large worms in its poop so we treated that. We had kept it in play yard pen under the back steps until it was acclimated to us. After that we noticed it nips my youngest heels a lot . We pop it to teach it to stop. Once it was allowed to go to the back porch it would refuse to leave even to potty. We finally moved him to the front yard and it us doing better. My oldest son is teaching it to ride his atv and fetch deer bones so he can hunt deer sheds.
  5. My son is doing a report on him for school .
  6. Turns out I do have to replace the hose. I had bought another set for another shower and hadn't installed it yet, so after the first 2 replies I took the new hose and installed it and it didn't leak. I will get a new hose.
  7. I have a delta hand held shower that has a fixed head as well. It leaks where the head attaches to the flexible hose Sometimes. It leaks.more at one angle.over others. I took it apart and there is a washer down in the hose near the end but it looks intact. If i put plumbers tape on the threads of the shower head would it help or is it something else?
  8. I buy my john deere tractors and equipment from one of the board members and we get along well i have been contemplating a visit. I thought I'd visit the headmaster with the coach present first after I am no longer mad.
  9. I know that to be true, but it seems to me if I offer to help make things so you don't lose the team to quarantine, then you would think they would be interested. When he turned down my offer for additional shelter for weight equipment I even offered to buy a freezer for the concession stand to be able to sell ice cream (game time temp here is often 90 degrees). He never even texted back. He gives times for them to be there and we get them there on time, then he keeps them 20 minutes or more later than the time he tells us to pick them up. He tells me if my sons miss a practice they will sit out a quarter, i make the point to get them there and one played the last 7 minutes(when they were ahead by 30 points) and the other played 4 plays when they were behind by 40 points since the second quarter and let a covid positive kid with vomiting symptoms play the entire game. .
  10. My son found out that the kid vomiting before the game was the one positive for the virus. The kid claimed his dr told him he had food poisoning so he played the entire game and now our team.and the other team also has quarantined, according to a coach.
  11. He still wears a mask because they can't afford liability and declare outright he is immune in case 1 put of a million gets sick but there are also more studies the immunity may be greater than 4 months but in an era of abundance of caution they limit it to no quarantine within 90 days if around a sick person.
  12. Thankfully the dr gave him a note stating that he does not have to quarantine since he has had the virus in the last 90 days
  13. I mentioned before that I repeatedly told the coach that if he didn't change the way he was doing things he was going to get the whole team sent home on quarantine. The health professionals rule here is if one student gets sick but everyone else is wearing a mask only the sick child goes home. The head master drilled that rule in at the beginning. I would offer to help buy an outdoor weight lifting equipment or other things needed to help them train but stay apart. He never took me up on it. Yesterday they sent my oldest son home early from football practice as some other players tested positive. Then they quarantined the entire team because "they were close together without mask". At the start of the first game Friday they even had one throwing up claiming food poisoning, that boy played the entire game and the coach left 3 players on the sidelines most of the 46 to 6 loss. He doesn't seem to get it. He has them bunch up tight for meetings throughout practice and the game. To make things worse, my son just got out of quarantine because he had the virus but since he is on the team they want him to quarantine again even though the doctor said he has immunity for 3 months. We are trying to get a doctors note so he can stay in school. It wouldn't upset me as much if I hadn't repeatedly told the coach what would happen if he didn't make adjustments.
  14. I deleted all sports channels from my guide so no one can even see those channels. I could care less about the BoweL Movement and the mess they create.
  15. Good point. Obviously I must not be drinking for the taste.
  16. I replaced it today with yuengling dark
  17. I once owned the 5 inch version of heritage arms 22. My son shot a rattlesnake with it. It was cheap finish though and the bluing came off easy. Metal is cheap. Sold it and got the ruger wrangler for near the same price. Grip is squared off a little compared to the ruger. Probably be a good gun for the glove box in your car .
  18. I have used shot shells in my 10/22 at short range with success on squirrels even with a rifled barrel
  19. My wife wants to know if you are married. I love what you had to say myself, as I just told her Monday when she was nagging about the bushes and etc that complaining too often makes.people not listen
  20. Henry makes a smooth bore lever 22. I have used shot shells in my 45lc lever action with success
  21. Once I brought home 2 beers from Germany as I drank it more regularly there. I brought home 1 bottle of hefe weisen and 1 pills. The hefe burst in my luggage and the other one was chilled and drank long ago. I used to enjoy the hefe weisen
  22. what if the delayed results of the election is just another false narrative to discourage voters?
  23. I'll let my boys shoot the bottles then.
  24. I only drink beer if my kidneys are bothering me, so a 6 pack last a while. I have 2 dos equis dated best by 2018 in glass bottles. I doubt the taste will be any good, but I dont drink for taste, just health. Is it any good?
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