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  1. Someone pointed out there is a white spot on the grip area so I took more pics as I don’t see it on the gun itself, also it is a series 80 per the manual included in the box
  2. To give you an idea of shipping cost these days, it was $80 to ship a pistol today. This one will be a little more due to insurance cost and size of case and weight.
  3. Unfortunately the homosexual community insist on holding families emotionally hostage. Many falsely assume they have to go along with the new agenda in their child or be isolated from them. But instead of helping them they end up encouraging their confusion and they just go further out there and I have many friends who took that route and now every Christmas and thanksgiving etc they have weirdness in their house years and years down the road and it doesn’t seem to end. my wife and I took a different approach. We told her God doesn’t like it, God destroyed sodom and Gomorrah because of it and you best leave it alone. We love you and will help you any way we can but we can not support that. The result is she moved out. She had other more obvious problems she used as an excuse to leave and then revealed the rest. we miss her. My wife thinks of her every day and night. I pray for her daily. Our missing her does not negate that we can’t condone what she does. We are better off as a family with her not living here. A friend has a son in the same shape but he won’t leave and is 28 and they are at their Witt’s end. sometimes you have to do what is right over what seems easier
  4. I am selling my NIB unfired colt 1911 . 3 dot sights. $1,400 shipped and insured. Brushed stainless steel.
  5. Once again a trans person whose mind is screwed up was encouraged to stay confused and their confused brain went nuts. She also was getting “help” for emotional distress. More likely encouraged to be confused and drugged to make money off her. just the other day my so called trans daughter who recently was told she had schizophrenia asked me for a gun and i refused, telling her so long as she is being treated for schizophrenia I can’t give her a gun.
  6. Evidently my government class missed the other ways laws are changed besides the legislative branch. I fixed it though so it’s not an issue.
  7. Ya know , some folks are just slow as turtles in picking up things. Thanks y’all for helping me despite myself. I’m m legal again now.
  8. I will call s & w tomorrow and ask them. I tried for a SBR once and they claimed a signature that was there was missing. They make it hard on purpose.
  9. The ar 22 is different than a normal ar IMG_3662.MOV
  10. Not yet. I tried everything but cutting it with a saw. Since I have until may 31 I decided to switch the barrel.
  11. I keep telling her it is temporary. You don’t collect tea sets, play with dolls, love frilly dresses and lace and cry because two different boys you like didn’t reciprocate and then DECIDE you are trans. If the argument that they are born that way and can’t help it is true then she won’t stay where she is and be happy over time. Eventually you get tired of being a pin cushion and your hair eventually won’t tolerate constant dyeing and eventually your so called friends leave and you miss the family that loves you.
  12. My tube is molded on and I slam and slam the brace with the lever depressed but it doesn’t move past the end. I guess plan b is to try and get a barrel length upper receiver and barrel.
  13. My wife has not adjusted well with the way our oldest daughter skipped in the middle of the night, changes her hair color every few weeks to blue or yellow or purple etc and vapes and has over a dozen piercings in her face. tonight though was my oldest son’s senior prom and the first dance goes to the parent before leaving so she got to dance with him. I think it helped her some . I shook his hand afterwards and told him he put his mom in heaven and thanked him for making her happy.
  14. At the time I bought it the atf nominee at that time defined an assault weapon as a semiautomatic other than a 22. I had hoped a 22 version would be ok. I’ve been wrong before and will be again
  15. I found on the ATF website that this is on their list so I want to make it legal so if I understand the new rule correctly I can remove the arm brace stock and just leave the remaining tube and it is a pistol again. I keep looking for directions on how to remove it but find things from 2014 or about removing a california stock pin. How do I remove the arm brace?
  16. I don’t have a 1875 but do have a 58 Remington and a converted Remington, I’ll have to think about it.
  17. I sold off my untouched models so now I am selling my refinished model that Mitchell’s Mausers did. Most of the numbers match and I have fired this rifle and it is accurate. Right now it’ll be months before dr clears me to shoot big bore rifles due to my surgery so thought I’d sell off some and use the funds to the deductible for my surgery. receiver, 2 parts of bolt and barrel bands and base plate match. Deep rifling in barrel. Includes surplus bayonet I got afterwards and ammo pouch. $900 shipped and insured and includes Mitchell box
  18. It is a ww2 model. Here are more pics Also starting new thread for the 98k
  19. If this doesn’t sell here I plan on putting it on consignment at a dealer who has several tables at gun shows. That’s where he makes most of his money.
  20. Forgot to mention I take postal money order but am open to other methods depending on what it is. has good bore and can take other pictures. if you are interested I could sell you a 98k German rifle as well at a fair price.
  21. I want to sell my Walther AC43 P38 German 9mm pistol. Does not jam and is accurate but have not shot it in a few years. SPF $750 shipped and insured
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