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  1. Y'all are going to keep reminding me how good a pistol it is and tempt me to keep it. Then I'll have to sell something else. I'm trying to wittle down my collection to just what I use the most. After my oldest left home in the middle of the night I've decided I'm not going to leave a large collection for children.
  2. Forgot to show or mention that it comes with 2 Dan wesson magazines.
  3. It is a very good gun. My sons both love it. I bought it because I had never owned a Dan Wesson. I was impressed, but have others I use more often.
  4. I want to sell my Dan wesson 1911 Valor. Less than 200 rounds fired. Probably less than 100. Has night sight front sight and wide rear sight. No jams. Accurate pistol. Just excess to my needs. $1,650 shipped and insured. Prefer money order or large bank certified check that my bank holds a couple of days.
  5. When we go on trips I fill several 5 gallon chicken waterer and put a flock block. Sometimes if going to be gone a week I have a friend get free eggs.
  6. I once collected every major rifle or civilian version the army used the last 100 years and beyond a little. Then I slowly sold most of it off and since realized they keep changing things and would go broke trying to keep up. So I mostly stopped. I doubt I get the new version even though I love anything Sig makes that I've tried thus far.
  7. I used to lose a lot to predators until I took dog kennel panels and made a 10 x 20 with a section in the middle and tin on one 10x10 section and another dog kennel panel on the top of the other 10x10 section. A local guy sells his better quality coops at the local feed store, I put it under the tin section. I laid a 2 feet tall hog wire fence on the ground under each fence panel to keep predators from digging under. The tractor supply coops don't last more than a few months.
  8. He gave further details. Said a spring broke but he called colt and they will fix it under warranty and go over the entire pistol. I like good customer service. Hate to hear a new gun has problems though.
  9. A friend notified me that he got a Colt SAA today that was shipped to him. It was a brand new , unfired and unturned by me anyway colt. He says the cylinder freely spins at half cock and the bolt doesn't engage at half cock. What is the likely fix for that?
  10. so far. I'm not thru yet though. He did smooth it all back out. I had to temporarily back off, i was too ticked off. he has tread lightly since then.
  11. Reckon it'll be alright if we keep packing it down and grading it then? Maybe use the polymers for pot holes?
  12. It makes me question all those training videos the army showed us of Russian troops running thru burning fields and buildings and spending 2 weeks in a chemical contaminated environment . They were meant to scare us into training harder, but I wonder how good they really were back then.
  13. Yes, after that. I recall someone on here telling me to not break the Hard pan on the dirt road I live on as I ASKED first what would happen if I used a tiller to smooth out the constant ruts.
  14. I have a long gravel driveway. The gravel cuts down on the pot holes I used to get with a dirt driveway. Once in a while I spread more gravel with my tractor loader. Due to the virus etc it took me 2 years to find gravel. My other sources went bankrupt or stopped delivering to my area. I finally found some but it was 1200 for 26tons. I intended to use it sparingly until things got better. My son came home early from his Job on a 600 acre onion farm and decided to smooth my mom's driveway and then ours. I asked him to do my mom's first. I decided to check his progress and discovered he had taken the ripper we use to pull up tree roots in fields we want to plant in and made deep trenches over half my driveway, destroying the Hard pan that looked like a paved road after an earthquake. He said he meant to do that. I had him smooth it back out and he used half my load of gravel. What do I need to do now?
  15. Cases in Georgia continue to drop. On CNBC this morning they were complaining how china locks down entire cities if there is 1 china virus case. Lock down in China means your building is boarded up and you can't leave. They were complaining it is causing shortages over here and inflation and China may have a revolution if Xi doesn't open the country back up. In other words, forget the virus.
  16. The store I went to had several smith and Taurus revolvers. Mostly 38s.
  17. They used to buy or trade in the store or gun shows but they told me customers are not buying their new guns , buying the used ones instead so they are trying to drive people to the new guns and not take used ones anymore. If I have a choice between an old s and w 4006 for 500 and a new sig for 600, I would take the new sig.
  18. Mostly due to my accident I have not set foot in a gun store in a month. I am just now getting to where my left hand can cycle a semi auto pistol. I could fire a revolver but with difficulty as my right thumb was also injured. It's getting better though. I also did not drive for 2 weeks. I picked my younger son from school and we stopped by the gun store that I have to pass to get home that is 2 miles from my house. They are good people. They go to all the gun shows as well as run the store. They no longer buy or trade your gun and also now will not take your gun on consignment. They used to all the time. They usually have 2 or 3 used guns. Yesterday they had over a dozen. A couple of older smith and wesson semi autos as well as some used sig and other brands. They went from less than 5 new sig sauer to at least a dozen. They had both the m17 and m18. Both were priced around 680 verses over 1000 on gunbroker a while back. They had a large quantity of ruger wrangler and various semiauto pistols. They had a decent number of ruger rifles now too. They had multiple shelves of s and w pistols. They finally had a Springfield 1911 as well as a decent number of the other Springfield semiauto pistols. They had a ton of glocks and other brands. Their wall was filled and spilling over with ar15s and shotguns and hunting rifles. They had ammo spread out on the floor there was so much, sadly no 17hmr though, the caliber I asked for. They had. 223 and 5.56 in 200 round boxes from remington, winchester and other brands. They had it stacked everywhere. Prices seemed to becoming reasonable, or at least closer to where they should be. Sad thing is I have decided to stop buying guns unless I have a particular need that can't be solved with what I have, i.e. coyotes etc . I did buy a box of .308 and a box of .223 and a box of 22 magnum since I carry a s and w revolver in 22 mag when on my farm.
  19. I got an email from someone but no PM
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