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  1. Same reason I don't get the flu vaccine, the variant is different than the vaccine targeted and flu shots mess me up. I never do well with them and get more sick the years I get the flu shot than years I don't get the flu shot.
  2. How much is the Kingston m1 garand in 22 worth these days? Last time I saw one on gunbroker they were asking 1150. It is a ruger 10/22 frame and uses their magazine.
  3. I want to sell my 45 lc / 45 acp artillery black powder frame revolver. The barrel was cut down by a previous owner. Shoots good. No longer need it. $450 shipped .
  4. A restaurant in Atlanta has all employees vaccinated but they still got the virus, so the news reported today they put out a sign, "no vaccine, no service". If the vaccine works then how did they get sick? Since they did get sick, how do they know if a vaccinated person didn't give it to them?
  5. I hope not. My poor little girl is still trying to get her face and in particuliar her nose skin to Recover from the damage the mask caused. 9 year Olds don't usually get it and according to John's Hopkins the only kids under 12 who died had underlying problems so healthy kids don't need to wear a mask.
  6. The delta variant headline is that a county next to mine is considered a HOTSPOT. I decided to look at the state website and low and behold their total number of cases in 18 months is 664. 4 more cases today than yesterday. That is about 9% of the county. The state is a running 9% infection rate across the state. I tested the higher county that has 89,000 cases and my county with 760 cases and a few others and each one is running a round that same 9% infection rate. We had 4 new cases in my county today and 8 in the bigger county on the other side of me with 27000 peo
  7. Right now they use the beretta 686 silver pigeon. The coach recommends one gun only. Matter of fact, last year I'd let them experiment with different guns to see what works and the coach would complain. He'd yell "one gun". I told them if they were any good, any gun should work. I had even bought a benelli but they complained it kicked too much and was hard to shoot. The other day I took it and shot at some clays and hit fairly well with it and told them to stop crying. Told them I hadn't shot clays in 3 decades and did fine with it. Told them I took a police class on shotgun and shot
  8. My oldest found a baby kitten whose mom had been run over on way to school. She brought it home and we took the cars out of the garage and bottle fed it until big enough to survive. Now, on days the garage is left opened at night She gets in and hides until we go to bed. Next morning we hear scratches at the door to the house or a very faint mew. Soon as some one opens the door she rushes in and runs to the back door where the food is, unless I come to the door. She knows I won't let her in and so she runs and hides again. I open the garage door and she leaves
  9. Now a days the song would say, " here's a cell phone, call someone who cares" and next thing you know you don't have a phone.
  10. Thanks. Last year's middle school best shooter used a 20 gauge. By using a 12 gauge, the state helps with ammo though, and they are both used to 12 gauge.
  11. I am looking for a beretta 12 gauge over/under. I prefer 30 or 32 inch barrel. My children are joining the school shotgun team this year. Both of my sons like the beretta we have now but sometimes shoot together so I need a second one. They shoot, skeet, trap as well as sporting clays.
  12. When he is the allies I keep telling him to take Norway that way Britain can help Russia but he never does. I do most of the time unless he leaves something else wide open. It's fun watching him learn. He craves attention a lot so maybe this will help him feel more secure. I wonder if part of why he craves attention is due to insecurity from being adopted. His birth mom was abusive to a previous child so the state gave her no choice, either someone adopts him or they would take him at birth. Thankfully we found each other.
  13. Every game I keep telling him to buy men and not waste money trying to buy technology as usually you fail to get the right dice roll . I tell him to buy men and conquer territories and then buy technology when you have money to spend, but he never listens and by the time he realizes he is in trouble it us too late. He keeps.going for the get rich quick route
  14. The airgundepot site has multishot pistols that allow you to leave charged with air.
  15. Yep a board game. Like risk in a way. The major powers of ww2 fight it out, you use money to buy men, tanks, planes and ships and get more money the more land you take. You lose money for future buys when you lose land. I like it because it is helping him with math, budgeting, and planning and we get to spend time together. It is also helping me keep my mind working. As he gets better I have to adjust to keep it going. We will leave it on a table and play for days at a time.
  16. I used to play with a coworker years ago. My 10 year old got interested in it and we have played the 1942 version several times. He said he wants to play until he wins. The last game I switched sides with him so he could beat me. Then I found the anniversary edition and it is moving slower as I am the allies and am too weak to really do much but hold back as he is too overwhelmed to do what he needs to beat ne. He keeps buying technology instead of men. Having fun just the same.
  17. Midway sells.308 for the brand at decent prices, how good are they?
  18. I grew up watching the dukes of hazard, where they jump cars and the police do the same. One night I had a prowler call, so I headed that way. I had to go down a dip with the railroad track a bump in the dip with another dip on the other side of the track. That dip quickly ramped up to the intersection of a 3 lane highway and traffic light. I could see the light changing to yellow as I approached the train track . I gunned the engine to try and beat the light. I hit the bump for the train track, cleared the dip on the other side. With lights blazing away, I cont
  19. Every time I watch Duel at Diablo I cringe at the tactics the Lt used while bucking for general. They approach a canyon and spot tracks from Indian horses. He sends a scout but then sends the entire troop through the canyon to get ambushed. Every time I see it I ask, "why didn't he either go around or if he had to go through there, send two at a time? " I still like the movie though. The cavalry used Remingtons. James Garner reminds me of my dad sometimes, him and Fred Flintstone. Us kids always talked about how Fred yelled like dad and James garner looks like and acts lik
  20. I recall having to walk at arms length in deep snow looking for lost night vision in grafenweir Germany for many, many days. It was not taken lightly. We were told the offending loser was court martialed.
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