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  1. What is sad though is that when I first started buying guns in the mid 80s a 1903a4 was 799 . I couldn't afford it even on a sergeant pay. That same gun goes for.a few thousand now. I find it hard to justify paying 6000 for a 1941 Johnson that not long ago I could have gotten for a lot less.
  2. In GA, yesterday, the state reported 382 cases and 1 death. A CDC report shows about 2.9 million of the state vaccinated with a population of 10,660,000 although a premature census report showed 10,880,000.
  3. Less than 8% of my entire state has gotten the virus over the last 15 months. Less than 1% died from it. Why do I need to get a vaccine to protect others when 92% of others are not getting sick ? Evidently it is not as contagious as advertised. My son got it and no one else did, perhaps most of my family is already immune, so why do I need a vaccine?
  4. I got to look thru a pulsar xp50 thermal scope today and it was so clear . It was 5k though. The girl that worked there said the atn is just as good but half the price. Anyone have experience with them? The state gave me permission to hunt since deer are eating my corn crop and soybeans and I can hunt at night.
  5. Since we are now at 300 cases a day in my state, why would I get a vaccine ? Perhaps the virus is doing what all viruses do, DYING on its own.
  6. How many rounds has it fired and were the smokeless or black powder?
  7. The pipeline that provides gas, diesel, natural gas and jet fuel from Texas to New Jersey was hacked by ransomware so it was shut down Friday night and SOME of it may be back on line later this week. The major airport at Hartsfield Atlanta gets their jet fuel from that pipeline. Airlines are flying in fuel from other places or flying smaller planes to Texas, having the passengers get on bigger jets there to go to Hawaii or beyond. Enough supply was on hand to last until Wednesday but is gone now.
  8. Due to the pipeline that carries 50% of the fuel for our part of the country being shut down, I told my daughter to top off her tank. I told her to do so after school on her way to work. She goes to high-school and works at zaxby and shoneys. When no one would work during the virus , they hired her , though she was 16 at the time. Now she is almost 18. She drives a chevy sonic hatchback that is great on mileage. She replied she had recently filled it up and didn't want to take the time. The next day on Tuesday she tried to get gas. She called me concerned be
  9. Georgia lists the total test each day so out of 9053 test 370 were positive. Keep in my that most people don't get tested if they are not sick. My mom went to the dr with a UTI last week but the nurse said she had the symptoms of the virus so she got tested and came back negative for the china virus but positive for the UTI
  10. I always pictured in my mind it was a colt dragoon or walker. In the movie open range Duvall us carrying a 1875 remington and he referred to it as a big gun with heft compared to postalwaites light colt saa
  11. Georgia reported just 370 new cases of the virus today. Over the last 15 months only 8% of the state tested positive for the virus. Less than 1% died from it. We have been mostly open for a while and even held the annual onion festival at the end of April without a spike in cases. Only a few wear mask in South Georgia where we live.
  12. Congratulations. Marriage that last takes effort from both which means she has been as dedicated to making things work as you have.
  13. Didn't they use a 30 inch barrel in will Penny at the last shoot out?
  14. Since we as a nation did not declare our independence until 1776 and not have a constitution until 1789 , and before then Britain and France ruled parts of our current territory, that make 85 years more accurate. Also see the Gettysburg address.
  15. Tried regular boot socks but diabetic socks are more comfortable but I sometimes wear them anyway. I think my main problem is my feet swell up so much I had to go to the next size up shoe. Oddly I don't have that problem with snake boots as long as I tie off at the second hole instead of the top hole.
  16. I live on a red clay with sand mixed dirt road. The county scrapes it once in a blue moon, often right before it rains. They do not put a crown in the middle but often put a mound along the edges by the ditch. This means it is filled with potholes. My neighbor and I sometimes use our box blade and tractor to smooth it out, but it is so hard it sometimes wears or breaks the box blade and has minimal affect on the potholes. If I took a 7ft tiller , how deep should I set it to make a difference or would it cause more damage than good?
  17. I tried dr comfort diabetic socks and they are comfortable and better than normal socks, BUT darn it the heel and bottom wear thin and get holes. I need a good sturdy diabetic sock that can hold up to snake boots and mud boots since they are the most comfortable shoe I own. I can wear them all Day while my dr comfort mini boots hurt after a couple of hours.
  18. I used to exclusively use bore butter to season muskets and cap and ball guns. Then the forum showed me ballistol. Ballistol is hard to get where I live and hard to find on line sometimes. What else is good for cleaning and seasoning black powder guns?
  19. We lost some restaurants but most survived. The local ones that remain have cut their hours due to food and staff shortages. Before I knew a virus was coming a guy agreed to sell me cows when they were ready. By that time the virus was in its early stages but he opted to sell me a butchered cow. I was glad I bought it. This winter I bought another one, also really glad I did.
  20. My wife and I thought we'd go out for supper and leave the children with my mom. We thought of Red Lobster , which is 45 minutes away. I checked their web site to make sure they were open . They were, only the online menu informed us that the 9.99 and 13.99 meals we once got before the virus were now 19.99 and up. some meals were not 39.99. We then checked Longhorn and a NY strip that we used to get for 14 was now 20. The porterhouse that I was too cheap but always wanted to get at 19 was now 30. We then checked locally owned steak houses, one that would insinu
  21. Pat, . That is something I did not know. Odd. That is helpful in my decision about the 19x.
  22. I once carried a glock and knew officers that were good shots but did not do well with the glock due to ergonomics. I always did fine, maybe because it reminds me of a luger ergonomically. I've never tried the 19x though. Curious about it. I've once traded a deputy for his beretta and before I carried it , I tried it out and it was OK, just not great. I since put a 22 conversion and wilson combat thin grips and love it but wonder if the m9a3 is better. The m17 is really trying to make my 1911 jealous. It's super wonderful. It's better than the original Henry
  23. WAXAHACHIE, that is a good idea, I should go buy a 35 remington. :-)
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