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  1. Back to the top for visibility, I'm still looking for hulls..... Help me feed my 10ga kids, the 87s and the doubles.... FWJ
  2. I think I have enough, but now that I'm headed to EOT, I'd like to have some extra, and maybe even I'll use some to practice beforehand. Maybe.... I'm looking for plastic 10 Gauge hulls, I've been using Federal and Cheddite, but if you've got some others that I can cut down from goose hunting or whatever, I'll take a look. I have lots of 12 ga AA once fired hulls for a trade, if that pricks any ears up..... Flat Water Johnny
  3. Alright so Gunner and Woody already in FCGF, How many places to they give buckles for???? I'm just signed up and likely already third..
  4. Online registration eventually let me check out, I ended up putting categories for both cowboy and Wild Bunch matches in the comments, I hope that works.... FWJ
  5. I'm getting the same error as Gunner Gatlin, and I'm also signing up for FCGF, so maybe it's just the BP shooters having the issue. FWJ
  6. I have an 87, built in 1891, that came with a "As-Is, Do Not Shoot" label affixed from the shop I bought it from. As well as a nickel plated, side-levered, hammered 10ga double. That didn't stop me.... So I order full length hulls from Ballistic Products, pre-primed, Federal or Cheddite. http://www.ballisticproducts.com/Cheddite-10ga-3-1_2-86mm-hulls-50_bag/productinfo/1391035/ I made myself a tool that I cut about 3/4" off each empty hull, although Ballistic Products makes one as well. http://www.ballisticproducts.com/Trim-Doctor-Shotshell-Case-Tool/productinfo/TRIM/ Usin
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