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  1. Wrong shotgun. Mine is a 1887 lever action not the pump 1897. Checked their site earlier today and they had no parts for mine but thanks anyway.
  2. I saw the ones there and the guy is only selling the block and lever assembly and the hammer spring, and their from the 12 gauge.
  3. I just got my Winchester Model 1887 10 Gauge today and now I need to search for the few parts it needs. Specifically looking for: Hammer Spring Cartridge Guide Screw Both Extractors Firing Pin Spring? (Don't know if they had one.) Also wondering if some of the reproduction parts through Taylor or Chiappa may work in an original Winchester.
  4. I still have to get a new mainspring for mine. Would you recommend the ones from Buffalo Arms?
  5. it is an 1887. It does not have the two piece lever like the 1901.
  6. I had recently purchased an original Winchester Model 1887 10 Gauge and I have done more research on the types of loads it would originally take. Is it possibly to fire low load modern 10 gauge. Or should I use the original black power. I was looking here http://www.buffaloarms.com/Black_Powder_Shotgun_Ammo_pr-4273.aspx Wondering if any here would be okay to use. What I am really worried about is case pressure differences.
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