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  1. No Tim Horton’s around here. Wouldn’t make any difference to me‘cause I can’t drink coffee. The last time I had a cup was 1970. I wound up in the hospital with borderline anaphylaxis. Don’t know what set it off or why it’s just coffee and not other caffeine products, but I ain’t interested in experimenting with it! As far as Schoolmarm is concerned, I indulge her when she takes a notion. She usually just stops in at whatever convenience store is handy.rather than spend six or seven bucks for what we used to get at any restaurant for a dime!! Now those pastries you mentioned?? That’s a whole different kettle of fish!!
  2. He was/is one of Baseball’s all time greatest ambassadors! Those WERE some of the ugliest uniforms ever!! The team was originally the Colt 45s!!
  3. I never touch the stuff! I’m extremely allergic! I did stop at a Starbucks for Schoolmarm after lunch today, but it was out of business!! We wound up at a nice little local coffee and pastry shop!! It was weird to see a Starbucks in a large commercial center closed and out of business.
  4. Schoolmarm and I have watched the games for a week now. That young man is most gracious and a total team player!! He may take batting’s Triple Crown. He’s currently #1 in at least five offensive categories including walks and on base percentage! He may even receive a Gold Glove for his play in the field!
  5. YEAH!! Ryan sports a right nasty uppercut!! I don’t recall which great hitter said it, but he said that when batting against Ryan , he could never get around the thought that the very next pitch COULD be the one that killed him!! Ryan’s attitude was”Here it comes! Hit it if you can!” He also had an extremely short memory. If you DID hit his best pitch, the next batter was getting more of the same!! Nolan Ryan received ONE World Series ring. He pitched in relief for the ‘69 Miracle Mets!
  6. He is also leading the AL in RBIs and batting average!! He should also be considered for a Gold Glove!
  7. Coincidentally, I was looking at Nolan Ryan’s stats last night. He once struck out 383 batters in a single season. He also threw a pitch recorded at 108 mph, although some question the accuracy of the equipment used to clock the pitch, (Some say it was faster. Others say slower). Both are modern day records. He has several more! In my opinion, he should have been voted into the Baseball Hall Of Fame unanimously! He only ever did what was best for Major League Baseball and was/is one of those players that kids should emulate, a true sports hero!!
  8. I’ve mostly had better luck with USPS than any of those other mailing and shipping outfits!! This is my first experience with international package delivery. Maybe this is what is normal for shipping overseas.
  9. I spent much of my childhood and later youth in the presence of people who had lots of experience and I listened to and learned from them! I also did many things against my own better judgment and in direct conflict with knowledge gained from the experience of others!! I now have the knowledge of my own experience and the reinforcement of others’ experiences to pass along to the generation that follows. Maybe they will listen better than I did….
  10. Two run home run in the top of the seventh inning in Toronto!
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