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  1. Finally, somebody who knows how to post pictures for a sale, the best ever posted, without kitchen or shop background.
  2. Terrible pictures, doesn't do the maker justice, change the background.
  3. Driftwood, unless you are a lefty, your belt is upside down, if you like it that way.
  4. Amount of loops can depend on the length of the belt,average waist in the area of 36-38 inches ,according to John Bianchi,usually has around 30 loops. I like the look of bullets in a gunbelt, and never thought it was too heavy.
  5. Have the same gun, shoots great , no complaints, only thing I did was put some JB Weld on the tab behind the loading gate as it's about half the size of the one on their 73. This little tab has been known to snap off on some rifles.
  6. Know Tom real well, you can be comfortable buying from him, you can take his word.
  7. Just to add a comment, I have two Winchesters 38/357 , a short barrel and a 24 inch barrel, neither one throws the brass forward, both are off to the side, and I usually shoot 38's in both, never had a problem. Neither gun has been worked on, both are stock. Go figure.
  8. Not true, parts are around, Peacemaker Specialist has them and so do a lot of others. In any event what part in a Colt SA couldn't be fit by a good smith ? I have second and third gen Colts tuned by Bob Munden around 15 years ago, same as when I got them, if you break a hammer spring or a trigger bolt spring , it's no big deal.
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