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  1. I have found to prevent the screw from pulling through from over tightening , is to put a piece of auto vacuum tube in between the two grips ,passing the screw through it. Just cut the tube slightly larger than the frame, it will stop over tightening unless you have a hand like Kong. This really works.
  2. My situation is the same as Poet Jones, had the right eye done in Sept and now don't need distance glasses for the first time in well over 40 years, and it's great, only need a prescription for reading, I can live with that. As for the expensive lens I have heard pros and cons, you have to consider if the expense is worth not needing reading glasses. Also the more expensive lens doesn't work for everyone. Talk to your MD and ask all the questions you can think of, you only want this done once,even if it is short and painless. The main thing is if you need it, get it done , the change is amazing.
  3. Know Tom real well, you can be comfortable buying from him, you can take his word.
  4. Just to add a comment, I have two Winchesters 38/357 , a short barrel and a 24 inch barrel, neither one throws the brass forward, both are off to the side, and I usually shoot 38's in both, never had a problem. Neither gun has been worked on, both are stock. Go figure.
  5. Not true, parts are around, Peacemaker Specialist has them and so do a lot of others. In any event what part in a Colt SA couldn't be fit by a good smith ? I have second and third gen Colts tuned by Bob Munden around 15 years ago, same as when I got them, if you break a hammer spring or a trigger bolt spring , it's no big deal.
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