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  1. Just get it nickel plated, not that expensive, but will look great.
  2. Two boxes of 38's weigh about one pound, Georgia Arms will give you credit for your brass when buying from them. I weighed mine for the sale and two boxes weigh around 1 pound. Naturally, 45's will weigh more.
  3. You should have polished them before taking pictures, it would greatly help the sale.
  4. Sorry, both pairs have been sold

    1. Fire Boss

      Fire Boss

      Thanks and have a great day. 

  5. Please E mail me so I can send a picture.

    1. Longhorn Nick

      Longhorn Nick


  6. Have you received the conchos?

    1. Will E. Shoot

      Will E. Shoot

      Yes and sent payment the same day.  They are exactly what I wanted.  Thanks!

  7. Are you looking to sell a set of 44-40 Colts?

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