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  1. Just got a real nice pair from River Junction Trading, they have a large selection, ordered on line, with a return policy. Good company, for a lot of cowboy stuff.
  2. Check out the type of screw drivers used, now you know why you can't get the screws out, looks like their torked in.
  3. Have the same gun, shoots great , no complaints, only thing I did was put some JB Weld on the tab behind the loading gate as it's about half the size of the one on their 73. This little tab has been known to snap off on some rifles.
  4. Also, I believe the laws prevent them from selling to anyone not a Ca. resident.
  5. Ten Ex explained on their website the change in their business due to the new laws, I don't know if its still up as I haven't looked at in in a while. If you send them a message, they will explain it.
  6. The California new gun laws changed their business on what they can and cannot do.
  7. There was no timing issues as the knife edge of the trigger sear was not excessive, only a slight angle was necessary to lighten the trigger pull. Matching one trigger against one from another gun will not necessarily work as the angles in single actions are not always the same. Parts of the same make gun are not always inter changeable.
  8. Have the exact same gun with the same problem , the back of the trigger should not be square, should be like a knife edge ,lightly file it until it's how you want it, the gun comes with a wolf hammer spring , you also should polish the hammer notches. These are things you can do yourself, VERY SLOWLY, you might have to take it apart and do this more than once, again slowly. The hammer spring is light enough. You can also change the trigger bolt spring to a wire one, this will also help , but it really won't lighten the trigger much.
  9. I have a Springfield 1911 45ACP, a few years ago, the company offered the parts to change the gun to 9 mm. They sent me a slide, barrel, ejector , slide stop and a magazine. All the parts swapped easily, I don't know if they still offer this service, also at that time, I purchased the 22 cal. conversion kit from a company in Florida. Now I have a pistol that I can shoot 3 calibers in. So in fact, if you can get the parts, the conversion is possible.
  10. VTI is not closed, I just got some springs from them , they even answer the phone.
  11. Ever hear the expression s*** happens, however remote, there is always the possibility somebody missed something.
  12. Sorry, I did'nt see the serial number until I read the receipt. I think S number A is a third generation.
  13. Need to know what generation it is to fix an accurate value.
  14. Know Tom real well, you can be comfortable buying from him, you can take his word.
  15. Just to add a comment, I have two Winchesters 38/357 , a short barrel and a 24 inch barrel, neither one throws the brass forward, both are off to the side, and I usually shoot 38's in both, never had a problem. Neither gun has been worked on, both are stock. Go figure.
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