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  1. WOW! thank all of you for the great information, guidance and sources. Merry Christmas you all
  2. Can someone recommend a source for fire lapping, reaming cylinder throats, and tools for chamfering the forcing cone on Ruger Vaqueros?
  3. Bruce, PM me with your address. I'll send the strap to you via USPS. You can send me a check for the postage after the strap arrives. Hidalgo aka Jim Soltis
  4. GONE Belt pouch, black, Old Pueblo Leather, snap loop on back, badge mount on front, gusseted sides. Once belonged to Ole Dead Eye. FREE. Just pay postage of $14.35 for USPS medium box flat rate Remember this is "pay it forward"
  5. GONE Tipton Patch Trap for cleaning rifle with removable bolt. FREE. just pay postage of $14.35 for medium flat rate USPS box Remember this is a "Pay It Forward" item
  6. GONE Loading strap, black, two sided, holds 20 rounds, 44/45 cal, made by El Paso Saddlery Remember this is a "pay it forward" item FREE. Just pay the postage of $7.65 for legal size flat rate envelope
  7. they're yours. Send me a PM with your address. I send them via USPS first class today. And remember that you must "pay it forward". Thanks Hidalgo aka Jim Soltis
  8. GONE 2 Wolff trigger springs I think they are for the Ruger Old Army Free including postage
  9. GONE FREE to first reply, including postage. firing pin for Colt or Colt clone Brownells #160-206-001
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