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  1. All gone/ Sold.... (outta the knife business/ hobby)
  2. “Merry Christmas” SASS FAMILY
  3. Everything you need to start your own knife making shop or business. Equipment is valued at approximately $9000- $10k. Selling for $8000 cash or cash plus trade items. Willing to trade for mountain property, nice diesel truck, 5th wheel or bumper pull RV. Looking to sell as a package deal, but may separate. I’m located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. *Evenheat kiln with external pyrometer md# GT17, 220V*Smithy Mill/ Lathe with tons of extras md# 1220XL LTD, 110V*JET spindle sander md# JBOS-5*JET 10 inch buffer md# JSB10L (yes the 1725 rpm model)*Craftsman variable speed scroll saw*Central Mach.
  4. Well I’m in the process of picking up a Stoeger from LongHunter. Thanks all for the feedback
  5. Looking for a worked (smith’d or slicked) double barrel shotgun. Hammerless preferred, (but may be open to hammered) 12ga only. Yes I have a FFL available for the transfer and shipping will be to 80823. Sub $1k range. Let me know what may be available. PM me as to verify your SASS number
  6. Thanks all I really appreciate this & I know it seems to be a reoccurring topic & sorry for beating this horse. Availability will probably be a huge factor (these days). As recommended I’ll be posting a WTB ad
  7. Appreciate the feedback... I’ve been eye’n the LongHunter options. Doubles seem to be a hard thing to find around my area right now & LongHunter so I’ve hit Gunbroker listings. WTB ad here may be the ticket
  8. All... going to try once again. I had posted prior for some guidance being new to the game, and was considering a hammered double for potential CC in the future. I have decided to ditch the CC Category for now. I want to go with a hammerless double. Would like to be under the $1k range, double trigger and I’m not opposed to used. Just looking for input on a gun that is going to be reliable. I’ve used the “search” and have read every article out there (maybe not every, but a lot!!!!) seems like everyone has an opinion that contradict’s the other. (I have shot a couple borrowed Stoeger’
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