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  1. WOW! thanks everyone for the input. Looks like I will have choices to make based on what powders I can locate.
  2. The kids start pointing out to you how good they're behaving.
  3. My son's finally ready to start reloading for his 9mm cause his kid is starting to shoot it as well. So I have been asked to supply components for Christmas. Since I don't reload 9mm myself (yet) I was hoping for some input on choice of powders to use (or not), primers, bullet weight etc. I checked Hodgdons site and see that Universal, Clays, Titegroup, W231, and WSF show up a lot across bullet weights. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Here in the Verde Valley we have what is called OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning) where they have volunteer presenters put on 4-8 week classes on various topics. Last term I took one called Louisiana Getaway which focused on cajun and zydeco music with a little New Orleans brass bands thrown in. Can't help but doing some toe tappin' and smilin' listening to it. I keep a cd in the jeep so if I need a pick me up I just hit play.
  5. Well. before I got the rest of the posts I loaded up with the TP method so I will try those and if need be then go to using a cheap bullet.
  6. I still have the first old can my older son shot with a flintlock pistol when he around 4. The first time he shot my Ruger Blackhawk he got skin from the web of his hand pinched by the hammer - we stuck it in the snow to stop the little bit of bleeding. He still remembers it. At the time I couldn't afford a gun safe so guns were stored in my closet. We always had a rule that at any time day or night no matter what I was doing if the boys were curious about a gun or just wanted to see one I would stop whatever I was doing and we would pull them out. Everytime was accompanied by the safety lessons of how they work, every gun is always considered loaded, etc. Never had any issues with the boys getting into them.
  7. did look on you tube which is where the method I mentioned was found. thanks GW for the pm
  8. I have some old/new stock of 35 Whelen brass (Remington) that wasn't accurately made at the factory. Years ago when I tried using it with fairly mild powder charges I got case head separation. I was stumped as to the cause and put the unused away and went back to using my older cases. Then I read in Pet Loads that Waters had noticed brass like I had with too rounded shoulders and speculated about head separation without first fire forming. So I am now ready to try fire forming. I looked up on line the methodology and was hoping to get some confirmation here on the wire that this is a good method: Fill the case with a fast burning powder such as Bullseye or Unique and weigh the total charge, then take 10% of that weight and charge the case, fill with cream of wheat or grits to the base of the neck, wad up TP and shove tightly into the neck, fire the gun with the muzzle up in the air. How's that sound? BTW I tried getting Remington to exchange the brass for new but I would need my original receipt which is long gone!
  9. The Diamondbacks play within a short drive from Scottsdale - however, given some of the off-season trades they have made I wouldn't be holding my breath on seeing many wins!
  10. I started out with an 1889 Marlin with 20" barrel and found that with my lightning fast reflexes (sarcasm) I tended to over swing when going from one target to the next so I switched to a 73 with 24" barrel.
  11. Got some friends that just named their son Carbon - I doubt it shows up on any list!
  12. Thanks everyone for the input. I know it always takes range time with various loads to find that "sweet one". BTW Big Sage, it is no longer necessary to only change one variable at a time - statistical design of experiments provides the methodology to reduce the number of iterations in a controlled manner and derive even more info such as interactions between variables than is possible with the one at a time approach.
  13. I'm helping my son work up a load for his 6.5x55 and noticed that Nosler indicates the most accurate on their page. Question is since there data came from a 23" barrel and my son's is 19" would it be a good guess that we would get better results from a faster burning powder than what they suggest?
  14. I have been surprised at the number of people who after wishing me a "Happy Holidays" and get in return "Merry Christmas" respond with a big smile and "a Merry Christmas to you".
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