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  1. PaleWolf (spokesman for the ROC), Snakebite (former chairman of the ROC), and the ROC indicate (in no uncertain terms) that the LTO is required. Could the resolution of this recurring dilemma be implemented by adding unequivocal verbiage to the SHB? The ROC has historically balked about adding to the SHB. However, when a "safety rule" is continually ignored or misunderstood, the time has come to clarify it in writing.
  2. We had a stand-offish stray. One day he showed up and talked to and rubbed against Hubby. Hubby told me to get him some food. Of course, being the sucker I am, I did. Another day, ditto, except he sprayed a chair. Hubby put a bed out for him. Next time visiting, he had a flea collar and had been brushed. So, we fed him again and named him Bandit. We haven't seen him in a few days. He's so cute. If he were mine, I wouldn't let him run around at night and would have him fixed. PS This is the current status.
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