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  1. May have to save up, huh? Come On Christmas
  2. The dentations stay on both the sides. Maybe not as much on the last hammered side. Que Sarah Sarah The flint she no move.
  3. Ya tighten down on lead, the flint she no move.
  4. I smash my 44 caliber more or less pure LEAD balls on the concrete sidewalk in front of my house for all the neighbors to see. I SMASH MY BALLS flat impressing the natural rough texture of the concrete that caused us all scrapes on our elbows and knees when we were young. Even now you could experience this falling off your motorcycle in da street. Make sure you smash your balls on the concrete on both sides to give them texture to grip your flints. On my 50 caliber pistol I use 1/4 of a disk. In my pistols mate 50 caliber rifle I use 1/2 a piece of my SMASHED BALLS. I bought some flint from around a Polish Castle as the pieces were too small for weapons back in the day and they were cast on the ground around the castle. Apparently quite a few over time. I live close to DFW airport. I talked to the lady selling the flints as she was in the country. She wanted to meet me at the airport until I toad her I was married. Que Sarah Sarah. Your smashed balls will not become BALLS OF FIRE when you shoot your pistol . . . Or rifle. Have fun Smashing your balls on the concrete sidewalk in front ‘cho house.
  5. Has anyone bought one of these? Did you like it? Yea or Nay I would appreciate your input. Thanks Come On Christmas
  6. I read that from 1847 until the 357 magnum came along (@1935) it was THE most powerful handgun in existence. The loading lever can be a challenge as it drops down sometimes. I read that the reason the 1st model Dragoon came along soldiers were blowing them up overloading them because of the length of the cylinder. This and loading conical bullets backwards. I have had one. Recently I bought a used ASM 2nd model Dragoon. It I will never part with. It’s a moose as well. I watch for used Walkers on Gunbroker. Don’t see many. People get excited and bid em up too high. Now, soldier On With The Hunt! When you buy a LaMat know that a Minie Ball fits perfect inside a 20 gauge plastic wad in the shot shell barrel. Snicker
  7. I was talking about, not having loaded guns in my house. Not carrying. My BB gun and air guns. Fine that other people do this. FACEBOOK put me in jail.
  8. Where you live? I was thinking they might be better in smaller towns here in Texas put on independently, not through a Company like Premier.
  9. Don’t waste your time going to the Mesquite Gun Show. My favorite one liner was - Where is the table with the Flintlocks? Scarce few cap guns or even Western Revolvers. Modern overpowered Revolvers.
  10. ‘Bout what they cost new. However they are way backlogged with orders. Have one ordered with my CC and never have heard anything back for a month or more.
  11. Hiya- Need to close the deal by EOD Friday. Going to Mesquite Gun Show where I know I will sell them. Christmas
  12. I’m in Arlington a lot just tell me where and when. Arlington decided having busses “Brings in the wrong element.” As a result all God’s Children need a ride. Christmas
  13. Your looking at how many tins I have. I'm in Lewisville.
  14. “Walk a mile in my shoes” Justin Ropers size 12 D some wear on the heals less than 1/8 inch on the outer part of each heal. $50 + $20 for Priority Mail Box Money order, Pay Pal, or Venmo I prefer my black civil war brogans ;~>=
  15. Because of the laws of our great land I will have to meet you someplace in the DFW area. This is perfect because my 69 year old retirement job/hobby is being a Lyft/Uber driver. The price tag still on them is $9.95. What with the way things are I’m thinking $7.50 a can. Buy all of them or none of them. More about recycling and helping a bro out to me. PM me and I’ll get cha my phone number. Lemme know, Come On Christmas A kinder gentler former Shameless Womanizer.
  16. You misunderstood, may have been the way I phrased it. I meant I still had a tight grouping although I was shooting high. I was using 20 grains Pyrodex may try 15.
  17. I know this now. The pistol she no workie when it’s up. Thanks to Abilene and Eyesa
  18. IT’s HELL TO GET OLD! I GET TO LAUGH AT MYSELF, which I have done so often I DON’T MIND.
  19. Oh my! Now I found a little plastic piece (why is it plastic?) that folds up I won’t have to send it back! Yippie! I’m not wild about the sights. I guess I need to practice (which is what I was trying to do). THANKS FELLERS!
  20. Touch the top picture to see the entire picture. Oops photos ARE in sequence.
  21. l hope you can see. The wedge pin won’t seat home. I’m thinking working on the wedge on either side so it will fit correctly. The opening is as large as it gets. Love the gun. Shot high with tight group. Only shot six due to wedge problem. Didn’t have my plastic/rubberized hammer with me. Is there a good 1851 slick up video? Gee Pietta’s really slipping I called Cimarron today about my Tuco 45 I’m having to send it to Cimarron. The firing pin won’t touch the primer. Cimarron is cooperative. opps photos not in sequence. Look at the gap between the flash shield and the cylinder. The hammer can’t reach the primer. I have not fired it or taken it apart. WOW, just wow Oops photos ARE in sequence.
  22. Why I mention the ring cut out is I was wondering if the rifling follows the cut portion all the way out the barrel spinning like a planet on its axis.
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