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  1. Bought some 22 ammo and some spring kits on line. Bought a tire inflator to keep in the camper, also on line. Napped most of the morning while the wife put the tree up. Going out for burgers and groceries about 6 pm.
  2. Compulsion had made me buy a few thousand at prices that set my neck hair on end. I've pretty much decided to put a thousand of five flavors I stock (large pistol, small pistol, large rifle, small rifle, and shotgun) and a couple of tins of Remington #10 percussion caps back in the dark corners of the cabinet. Other than those, I'm gonna shoot until I'm out. That should take a while, with the current level of matches going on around me. I'm shorter on #7.5 shot than I like to be, but I can find it at twice what I paid for the last bag.
  3. Sentimental value: My dad passed in 2015. I have his Ithaca 37 16 gauge and his Ruger Single Six 22 magnum. Mom passed in 2006. I have the Ruger Bearcat I gave to her. Middle brother passed in 2017. I have his Ithaca M66 410, and his Ruger LCP 9mm. Youngest brother passed in 2006. His only gun was a 30-30 given to him by my father, and I bought it from him as he was headed to the pawn shop to sell it. My brother's guns will go to their children. The others will go to my grand children. Personal favorites: Colt SAAs. My pair of 1983 CCA Frontier Six Shooters. Uberti 1873 in 357 magnum. Colt Delta Elite 10mm that was my duty gun for years. Springfield Armory TRP Stainless 45 ACP.
  4. My cooking knives don't go in the sink or dish washer. I had wash them, and put them up immediately after use. They're not expensive ones, but I've gotten over 10 years out of them by taking care of them. And my mechanics tools have to go back in the proper place after use.
  5. What frustrates me is several websites, Brownells and Midway in particular, send me emails urging me to go ahead and buy things I looked at and didn't purchase. I've got to where I delete them without opening them up if I can determine from the title that is what they are.
  6. Currently, 80 psi. Last week, 42. Hadn't checked it since last summer.
  7. I notice the revolver is strategically placed to conceal the lock. I've got a couple of S&W and Colt dealer posters from the 70s. My wife keeps finding other items to hang in their place. The only one I get to keep up is my "Real Cowboys Shoot Colts" poster I had professionally framed. It's in the living room, along with my Buck Taylor watercolor of Matt Dillon. I pitched a fit that a six year old girl would have been proud of when she mentioned taking them down.
  8. Chili is an all year round food in my house. I am a heathen, and use not one but three different beans in my chili. Usually pinto, kidney and black beans. Pork sausage and beef. The beef can be ground beef, or cubed up roast. Venison is also sometimes used. Peppers, onions, lots of tomato sauce and paste, and either crushed or petite dice tomatoes. A couple of cans of Rotel with chipotle, and a healthy dose of spices. My recipe makes a couple of gallons at a time. It ain't spicy enough if your nose don't run a little while eating.
  9. Both of my J frames have replacement springs in them. But I shot them stock for about a year or so before doing anything. I then polished the internals, and replaced the factory springs with a Wilson Combat set (made by Wolff to Wilson's specs). As to grips, if I'm going with a belt holster, I use a set of Rogers grips on them. If they're going on an ankle or in a pocket, they get either the factory boot grip or a set of Uncle Mike's boot grips. Add a pair of Safariland Comp I speed loaders and I'm good to go. I've did my police qualification with both of them. Did the full duty gun course, starting at 25 yards, instead of the backup gun course, which has only 5 rounds at 15 yards and everything else from the 7.
  10. When invited I always volunteer to bring a dish. I usually bring my sweet 'tater casserole (Mom's recipe, rest her soul). Sometimes a pie. Current favorite is a German Chocolate Pie.
  11. For those who use large pistol, Natchez had them a few minutes ago. I got 5k. They were under 100 per K with tax, shipping and hazmat. I hated to pay that much,, but...
  12. 1. S&W 586/686 2. Colt Python 3. Ruger Security/Service/Speed Six 4. S&W 19/66 5. Ruger GP100 Unless you're going to shoot low power shells, avoid polymer framed and/or small framed 357 magnums. I have a S&W 640-1 357 magnum, and punishing is an understatement when shooting full house loads. Also, quality comes at a price. Cheap revolvers don't hold up like quality ones do.
  13. How's a man supposed to choose (got more that ain't pictured)?
  14. Government Model 1911 in 45 ACP Dan Wesson 1911 Guardian 9mm Any of my Colt SAA, or clones of same. Winchester 1873, or clones of same.
  15. Early 20th century, Winchester itself did it. Model 94, 92, 73, 97 and 12 all were changed from their first designation. The model 1912 changed in 1920, to be exact. I have one of those made in 1918 that is labeled a Model 1912.
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