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  1. I have several of the RCBS lock-out dies as well. They will stop the press when powder is too low or too high. They work very well.
  2. Thanks for posting this Harper. I am still devastated by this. I talked with him several times while he was ill with this horrible virus, trying to keep his spirits up and keep on fighting. One day he didn't answer. I knew that was not a good sign. He was married to my cousin, Red, so I always called him "my cousin in law" . Our friendship went back over 50 years. We fished together, camped together, shot together many, many times, spent time in the New Mexico mountains and on and on. He was a premiere ambassador for SASS. He held shoots at his farm, Outlaw Camp, two or three times ea
  3. I use a truncated 180 grain bullet in front of 4.3 grs of Clays and a Fed 150 primer for my Wild Bunch loads in my '73. The same load works in my Marlin 94 as well. Magnum cases as the 44 special seem to separate in my gun after a couple of loadings. The Mag brass does not.
  4. On this stage, shotgun was last and after firing shooter laid SG down safely and stepped over to pick up his rifle. A hull was partially out of the chamber of the double. Shooter was awarded a minor safety since his hand had left the SG. On the next stage the shotgun was first, rifle second. Shooter shot his SG string, laid the gun down with a hull partially removed and moved to his rifle, picking it up but not levering it and was allowed to go back to the SG and remove the hull. His hands had also left the gun after laying it down. No call. There was some discussi
  5. A Dillon rep at Winter Range suggested I place a 45acp hull on the top of the plastic follower to give it a little weight, and, to clean the tube every now an then as primer powder residue will build up inside and can cause it not to feed as it should. I did as he suggested and it works well.
  6. I had the same issue and found that the spring in the "case insert Slide" (that black angled thing) had broken. Installed a new spring and it works fine. You might check that spring.
  7. 2011 Texas State Silver Senior Champion

    2010 Texas State Silver Senior Champion

    2007 SW Regional Silver Senior Champion

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