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  1. Looking for a 12ga BSS cowboy ready. Let me know what you’ve got.
  2. Awesome!! Now this is a thread that’s worthy of going 7 pages.
  3. That’s next on the list. Im going to do the exact same format just 2 from the right 97 Vs. SxS.
  4. About 16 years ago I had a piece of .38 go in my port and that was after I had staged it port down LOL. Sometimes the bears just gonna get you I guess.
  5. My son and I made this video yesterday based off a Facebook conversation. It was a good excuse to be on the range with my oldest boy.
  6. 3 of them. You can’t have the 3 year old……he’d burn your house down and I don’t want to be responsible for that.
  7. I wish these would get bought...... my will power is slowly fading. I mean do my kids really have to eat for a few weeks?
  8. SOLD Pair of Ruger Old Model Vaqueros in .45 Colt. 7.5" barrels stainless steel. Factory rosewood grips, Super Blackhawk hammers installed with Wolff spring kits and original hammers and springs included along with boxes and papers. Guns are clean and in great shape with light scratches in finish pretty typical of what you would see. Sights are stock and unmolested. These are absolute tanks and will last a lifetime. $1985 shipped to your FFL. Not looking for trades. Payment via cashiers check/money order. First "I'll take em" posted gets them. Thanks for looking.SOLD
  9. Looking for a Baikal SxS 12ga with double triggers CAS ready. Let me know what you’ve got.
  10. Looking for one Ruger Vaquero 5.5” .367 Mag blue and cch. It’s has to be a 56 prefix. Looking to match one up to one I already own. Let me know what you’ve got.
  11. If you want ammo made for CAS by a CAS shooter loaded with 105gr. bullets and Federal primers We The People Munitions Co.
  12. I have used them and they were too hot for my liking. The velocity is what kills it for me. Way too "lively" out of my SKB.
  13. They are cheap, but when doing a quick tune up to help a newbie get going I often make them from Wolff Ruger trigger springs that I take out of guns because I like our spring better.
  14. If you think that people don't care about getting an award or even how they come by that award you simply haven't been involved in putting on enough matches. Even at our monthly matches we get beat into submission if we don't offer an elder statesman frontier cartridge duelist category (so one lone shooter can be announced and given a poker chip) and simply I don't care anymore. I tried to take a hard line early on at our state championship and the end result was nasty comment cards and threats to never return if not honored. Years ago at the MI state match I had a shooter (let's call him Bob) get ahold of me. He wanted us to offer Silver Senior Frontiersman. Knowing the region well I knew there was zero possible way that there was going to be any chance of anyone else shooting that category if offered. I said no. He would not let it go. He railed on me for 4 months until I finally had enough and said yes. The match came and went. Bob won silver senior frontiersman un-contested and got his picture taken and was proud of his buckle that we provided. I saw one of his local coffee buddies in the barber shop the next werk who is not a shooter at all but knew we had just had our state championship. Bob came up in that conversation and he said "well Bob's a hell of a shooter....he's a State Champion, he showed us the buckle".....I said yes he is with a smile and left it at that. Bob was full of cancer, and he passed a couple months later. Did I do the right thing? I don't know if there is a right thing. I think part of the charm and challenge of SASS as a whole is that we have been and will be at least for awhile caught in the balancing act of "too serious" or "not serious enough" when it comes to an identity as a game/sport/hobby whatever you want to call it. I think for your own personal mental well being that you have to have your own reasons for why you do any of it. If it's recognition and respect that you seek you'll be in for a long road and you'll never be satisfied. The world is too fickle and if this game is good at anything it's folks coming up with a "yeah but' for almost anything. Not sure what the right answer is. My thoughts now after 21 years of playing is that we are a customer based entertainment activity. And for the most part the customer is always right. We have rule books that you damn near need a law degree to read sometimes. So if your playing within those rules during the match I don't really care how it's split up. I'm sure it won't make sense or there's plenty of holes in my thought process, just my view based on my experience.
  15. SKB Royal Light 12ga. 20” barrels and 11” LOP. Double triggers. English style stock. Action work by Doc Noper. Weighs 5 pounds 6 ounces. I had this set up for the kids so it is set up very light action wise. I have only ever shot Cheddite primers through it and cannot speak to the sensitivity to other primers. Average dings and scratches but no cracks. Will include piece of stock that was cut off then sectioned with the intention of adding as they grew. This is a very light SxS and it’s intended to be used with featherlight style ammo, it’s pretty lively with anything else. $1075 shipped to your FFL and FFL must be willing to accept from an individual. First “I’ll take it” posted gets it.
  16. When we decided on the shooter limit for EOT at Paradise Pass we I did so thoughtfully. And we didn’t know what we didn’t know. We went with what we absolutely knew we could deliver the decided number of shooter with the best possible experience. Having now done it we know that it’s possible to deliver a great time to a significantly higher number of shooters. Another consideration to think about that sadly has to be considered is the local political climate of whatever location is being talked about and who owns the range (private? State? Federal?).
  17. A 16” Marlin will NOT hold 10 .38 Specisls. You’d have to run .38 Long Colt (maybe) or .38 Short Colt and you’re gonna have a tough time getting any of those to feed period let alone at speed.
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