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  1. If the only directions of movement were crushing without any drag it is quite possible to have that kind of deformation of the firearm without having damage to the envelope. And, we only see one side of the envelope.
  2. Yep. In general the North called things by natural features, the South by town names. Bull Run/Manassas. Antietam/Sharpsburg Pea Ridge/Elkhorn Tavern among the better known.
  3. My guess is that it's the snorkle used to draw air into the diesels.
  4. Such have been around for a while, likely as long as soldiers have been wearing clothing. Here are a few examples from the War of 1861 A couple of times at church, when I have had to make some quick repairs on vestments, I've gotten odd looks when I ask where the housewife is.
  5. This may or may not embed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIqofVwYi4I&list=RDkIqofVwYi4I&start_radio=1
  6. Box, not padded envelope.
  7. And, bless them, they are still our best friends. From October 2017. Australian fire crew in Santa Rosa, CA. They were among the first to arrive, and the last to leave.
  8. "Off to my right I see five mounted Cowboys. Of to my left I see a dozen more." He rode into a trap.
  9. Going into history, Hilary is a man's name. So is Leslie. At church we have several boys named Moses or Ambrose, several Basils, Elijahs, Vladimirs, and Pantelemons. Women's names include Anastasia, Svetlana, Meropi, Vipassanna, and Marina. It takes a lot for a name to seem odd to me. The only ones that do are of the D'Jan'than or L'quichea etc.
  10. I've often pondered that. "I had but one chance, and that was to run" suggests that the "handsome young cowboy" was a "somebody" with friends who would avenge him. On the other hand, he does steal a horse. Then the story of Feleena: Reincarnation?
  11. That's a helluva thing to get woken up for. Gonna take a while to replace everything. Including his job, as that shop will be down for a while. Good luck to him and his boss.
  12. Marshal, I hope everything is going well with you and your family.  Got to thinking about you and just wondering how you are doing.


  13. Cool! Thanks for posting that. "Misphonia" from "mis" meaning dislike or hate, and phonia, sound. The crinkle of bags is a big trigger for me. Also squeaky chairs. The sound of silverware on crockery doesn't bother me, to me that is the sound of people enjoying good food.
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