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  1. Wrapping food. Put meat between pieces of it to pound it out. Under cooling racks to catch drips. Lining baking pans (almost no wax transfers in the baking). Lining forms for making bird seed cylinders.
  2. OK, is it because we are slacking off? Or is it because the packing houses have increased production?
  3. More likely that it was broken in use, or at some point in the manufacturing. Just collected for resmelting that was never done.
  4. I have no idea what happened. Just something I ran across on Facebook It is a puzzlement how that could happen.
  5. I don't know why my wife gave me The Look when I showed this to her.
  6. I've used calcium carbide to get rid of gophers. Open the tunnel, run some water in, toss in some chunks of carbide, wash it back with more water from the hose, count to 20 or 25, toss a match.
  7. One of the wizardly sound effects in The Wizard of Id comic strip.
  8. A film of heartfelt passion. A true love story.
  9. William Shatner, playing twin brothers. "White Comanche"
  10. So as not to take away from the comic/stupid movies thread, what real turkeys have you seen? One I caught, in Spanish, La Momia Azetca, has some of the worst acting I have ever seen. Even worse than it sounds.
  11. The way playoff games should be - nail biters until the end.
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