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  1. Once you're back in the saddle, so to speak, no more of this Pat, OK? It takes too ling to heal at our age!!
  2. I hear Pat's retirement plan includes organizing a big clean up along the river.
  3. Just found a sign on Tequila's street, in Diamond Head, for some time.
  4. Look at the near edge of the tire and it's tread.
  5. Dang. Picture failed. It was pretty good too. Trust me. I'm a lieberal. I wouldn't lie to you! PS: Here's a cartoon to make up for it.
  6. In spite of his assertion that it's a long time since he was a kid and it being "A Girl's Game" our Alpo seems to know a lot about it, now don't he?
  7. Come to our house kitty. We'll feed you, you poor starving thing you!
  8. Is you'all cowboys or woodpeckers? (and they say us Canucks have weird tastes!)
  9. SWMBO and I had a Duke watching binge on Tuesday, May 25, celebrating our 53rd wedding anniversary: Rio Lobo; Rio Bravo; Brannigan; Big Jake; Hatari; Donavon's Reef; Stagecoach and now we'll continue with the others in our collection, some of the early ones in B & W and the war tales.
  10. LOW FAT BANANA SPLITS????? What the ding-dong heck is going on there?????? Might as well be eatin' sawdust !!
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