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  1. You have a Bond Cowboy Defender. The Grigorelli&Uberti derringer has been appraised at 600-700 with the xtra "ivory"type grips,holster and engraving, so what is your offer as to a trade?

  2. Hey you old Bandit! Where the hell are you?

    send me an e-mule longjimhancock@yahoo.com

    1. sarbuck


      I been havin' some hard times. I been thinkin on doing SASS since I'm some better. How about yerself  ol' tangle foot.    dirtybill308@yahoo.com

  3. Trouble with this forum....the winner is Anthony Dembeck aka J.P.G. RingoAnonymous leathercrafter --Custom hand tooled pistol rig

    Anthony Dembek 860-763-2476 26 North Street, Enfield, CT, 06082

  4. Anonymous leathercrafter --Custom hand tooled pistol rig

    *J.P.G. Ringo INV# 1116708 Anthony Dembek J. P. G. Ringo 860-763-2476 26 North Street, Enfield, CT, 06082

  5. Thanks, my friend Gene is actually the buyer, I was helping him find a rifle and I'll send him a note but wont mention price.

  6. call me and leave your call back number. I'm interested but just got off graveyard shift and have to go back in early again tonite, so I'll be in bed when you call. my number is 541-270-2896 THANKS!!!!

  7. Hey you old bandit. I have a SASS Newb who's looking for a 45 colt 73 so he can start out shooting CC. Let me know if you'll take any less...(worth askin') and I'll lie to him about you and see if ya'll can do a deal. Can take delivery on yer way to WR.

  8. Amigo... start using 777 and you can adjust the full charge DOWN enuff to get the right OAL.without all those wads,cardss etc.

  9. Thanks Grizz for setting up the hapel fundraiser thingy at CAC! You da MAN!

  10. Hey buddy, TY told me that your daughter wasn't awarded a SASS scholarship...that's BS man, I HOPE she'll re-submit it again.

  11. THAT would be cool.even tho RW is WAY GAY...

    Just joshin'...he's only part...

    He's got sidekicks that're easy on the eyes

  12. And thank YOU amigo..badman (patrick aka Drifter) are GOOD people,,,you'll love em!

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