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  1. I'm kinda taken with the cigar holder. Oh... and somehow the wire just seems a little more "right" this evening.
  2. Fifth in the Class of '29. I read all his early books through "The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress" in junior high school and high school (1969).
  3. A fella was driving home from his buddies place which is out in the middle of nowhere. He'd done this drive a dozen times, so wasn't paying much attention to the road, giving glances to his phone. He saw the street light ahead about a mile or so down the road when BOOM, he hit something. He stopped his car and looked down the road to see a pig laying on its side. He checked his car and didn't see any real damage, then looked around and saw no street or farm signs or anything of the like. The pig then tried to get up but fell down again. He looked at the fella with a "help me" look in his face, but the guy was no vet and wasn't planning on throwing the pig in the back of his car. He - the pig - looked rattled, but had no signs of serious injury to him (no blood, his head was intact, no missing limbs, etc), so the fella decided to get out of there. The next morning there was a knock at the door and his wife answered. She yells to him, "Babe, the cops are here for you..." He got to the door and one of the cops said, "hello sir. I'm officer White, and this is officer Smith. We would like to ask you a couple questions." "Okay, how can I help you officers?" "Well, you can start by telling us where you were last night" "I went to my buddies house out in the country to play some cards, then came home," he said. "Okay, do you drive a white Honda Civic with license plate ....?" "Yes," he said. "So, what is this all about?" "Sorry, sir, but we have a report from a local farmer who said that you were involved in a felony hit and run with his pig. Unfortunately, we are going to have to take you in." He tried pleading his case by saying that there had been no one around, and that he looked for signs for someone to call but found none. The officers didn't seem to care. They put the cuffs on him and I started to walk to their car. As he made the walk, he looked at one of the officers. "Sir, I'm sorry, but how did this even come about? Who told the farmer that I had hit the pig? I don't understand. It was in the middle of nowhere, no one was around and it was night out!" As he pushed the fella down in the back of the car, and right before he closed the door, the officer said: "Simple. The pig squealed." 3 Comment
  4. Funny and harmless... but ya better hope your kids don't get caught singing this at school these days (or on the playground, at a buddy's house, the mall...). Guaranteed summons to the principal's office at best, and possible visit from CPS or some other authority-figure types.
  5. I wish you well! Unfortunately, that hasn't worked so well in california - every time a sensible judge makes a sensible ruling the ninth circus court of appeals steps up and does their thing....
  6. Boy, does this bring back memories.... The scenario brings to mind a conversation I had with the Judge back in the 'nineties, when he told me of his early goal of breaking away from IPSC type shooting in favor of a shooting sport that stressed "fun." The "good ol' days..."
  7. Barry worked in a gold mine He was ready to leave his gold mining days behind, as his retirement was coming up in a couple of months. One day, he was leaving work, pushing a wheelbarrow that had a box in it. The guard noticed the box, and suspiciously asked, "Hey, Barry. What's in the box?" "Nothing", murmured Barry, as if he was hiding something. Unconvinced, the guard took the box and opened it, only to find Barry was actually telling the truth. "Well, what do you know!", chuckled the guard, surprised to see the box was empty. Same thing happened the next day. This went on for weeks, until the day of Barry's retirement. "Look, Barry. I know you're up to something, but I just can't point my finger on what it is.", the guard sighed. "Just be honest with me, and I promise I won't say a word. Are you stealing anything?" Barry looks around, leans in close, and says "Wheelbarrows!"
  8. Careful, now... don't give any kids any ideas - they can get kicked outta school for that!
  9. Well, in the wake of the movie set tragedy it was inevitable: https://nypost.com/2021/10/25/california-lawmaker-wants-to-ban-live-guns-on-movie-sets/ There've probably been thousands of films made in California in the last fifty years. During that time there was one fatal firearms accident on a movie set in California - when Jon-Erik Hexum thought it would be fun to play Russian roulette with a blank-loaded revolver. Evidently normal safety rules work well when practiced. Ah, well - can't blame an honest legislator for taking advantage of a situation, I reckon. And of course his kindred colleagues will heartily endorse his bill - 'tis the thing to do, don'tcha know.
  10. That reminds me - I hear that the Former Missus Hardpan is in mourning. Evidently one of her flying monkeys perished in a bad landing.
  11. How 'bout a lightweight vest? Quite dashing!
  12. And the sad news is... here in good ol' california we're allowed to possess a maximum of one pound.
  13. I remember that coach in that branch... kind of a circular-shaped building, as I recall. I believe it became a Sharper Image store after Wells Fargo moved out. Dunno if that particular coach was restored or a replica... but either way, it was still neat!
  14. The dude is likely guilty, but... did I miss the part where he was tried and convicted...?
  15. Reminds me of the old "bumper jacks" every car came equipped with when I was a kid. Those came with a part that matched the car's bumper. A fair system at best, with the flimsy bumpers of the period. So with this modern version, what the heck do you use for a "lift point" on a basic pickup type vehicle? 'Specially the front end??
  16. There was a time when that was true in California, too... when then-Mayor Dianne Feinstein tried it in San Francisco, it was overturned. Nowadays I suspect San Francisco or Los Angeles or Sackamenna or whatever-danged-place can do pretty much whatever they danged want to.
  17. Oughtta work - even works on lead crystal. From OSHA's site: [ https://www.osha.gov/lead/lead-test The lead detector kits are designed to offer a simple and immediate estimation as to whether or not the lead in paint or other solid materials is at a hazardous level and whether abatement measures are needed. According to the manufacturers, in addition to paint, other materials such as dust, soil, ceramics, lead crystal, solder, foil, pewter, and other metals can be examined for lead. The kits are easy to use. No analytical laboratory time is required. The kits are inexpensive. The pink color obtained upon reaction of lead with the kit reagents is very distinct. The tests appear to be specific for lead when a pink color is obtained. They do not give a positive reaction with several metals used in lead-free solders. The chemicals used are stated to be nontoxic; however, the usual precautions in handling any chemicals should be followed. Note: Each kit is provided with test papers that contain lead to assure effectiveness in testing. Care should be used in handling these test media. The kits are not recommended for users who are color-blind in the red/pink region of the color spectrum. The kits are not designed to detect lead in water. Possible interferences include barium, calcium sulfate in plaster, chromate in lead and zinc chromate, and red paint pigments. See Section 2. below. The kits give only a positive/negative response. For a more thorough lead determination, the samples must be sent to a certified laboratory, or another more expensive field procedure used.
  18. Did your CPAP "Coach" put any effort into fitting you with a mask? I tried perhaps a dozen or so before I found one that was a "fit." The nose-only ones were horrid... if I opened my mouth all that air pumped into my nose went right out my mouth. Weird sensation, that! I finally found a full-face type that is quite comfortable - and as long as I keep my beard reasonably trimmed it seals nicely. Now, a comment on "coaches:" The gal whom I worked with at our medical center was, in my opinion, a self-centered twit. During a review she read the downloaded data and declared that my mask leaks. A lot. I tried to assure her that it in fact did NOT leak; she argued that she could see it on her computer screen. I had my machine and mask with me, and suggested I put it on so she could see for herself - but she was insistent that it was not necessary, as she could see on her computer that it DID leak and I didn't know what I was talking about. I didn't have the patience to point out to her that the "leaks" she thought she saw were most likely due to the mask having, by design, a series of vent holes. According to her I absolutely needed a "nose-only" mask with a strap to hold my mouth shut. I left. Full-face masks continue to be quite comfy and work well.
  19. There was virtually nothing left. Very sad... The picture brings to mind the remains of a P-51 I once came across near the Mendocino National Forest.
  20. Home Depot, Lowes, Amazon... they're pretty common. Been buying 'em for years.
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