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  1. Well... that was exciting for a moment. The '02 is a Miata NB; unfortunately, the "B-series" that Autozone's part fits are pickups. Evidently the good folk at Mazda elected to not include this switch in the roadsters. For what it's worth (not much, in this case!) both my '99 Ford F-150 and my '01 Dodge Ram are equipped with the inertia switches. But thank you for the research and link!
  2. Driving home tonight my '02 Miata SE, Zelda, was rear-ended. Quite dark out, driving in the middle of three north-bound lanes, speed approximately 65 mph when *WHAM* I was hit. Rear-ended by a '20 RAV 4. I have no idea what her speed was, but my lighter car was literally punted. Momentarily lost control, but recovered; the hit was hard enough that the bluetooth earbud was ripped from my right ear and bounced off the back window. I have a headache and a goodly sized knot on the top of my head from colliding with either the headrest or the convertible top frame. Also, the engine immediately died... more on this in a moment. Not sure of the extent of physical damage just yet; the "tupperware skirt" is split, trunk lid bent in, and the quarter panels don't line up with the doors properly - hopefully repairable, as I love my li'l ride. Now, back to the engine issue: She did re-start later, after the responding CHP officer asked me if she was driveable. However, when I tried to merge back onto the highway, the engine died after about 20 yards. She'd restart, then the same thing. Ended up taking her home on the back of a AAA truck. So, a question: Might anyone know if this car has some sort of collision sensor(s) that would prevent it from running above an idle? If so... is this something that can be re-set? Or could the engine have been damaged... or perhaps the fuel pump? Any thoughts appreciated.
  3. And then... I ain't sold, but I do know some folk whom I shall not name here....
  4. Better than poison ivy leaves, too. Just ask my Uncle Ralph.
  5. It's possible that the trucker didn't see him and thought that "bump" was just hitting another pothole....
  6. And by the way... turpentine is illegal in california. (I ain't sayin' who, but I might know someone who might have some stashed away....)
  7. Looks like one of Sgt McDermott's "stags~!" "In the west, the brow tines are not counted. The points on each side are counted separately. In the west the point count on a deer will be expressed as, for example, a 4 by 4, means the deer has four tines on each side, not counting the brow tines. Often the antlers are not symmetrical. A deer having a 4 by 5, or a 3 by 4 array is self explanatory." When both sides are equal, like 3x3, one would commonly just call it "a three-pointer" rather than "a three by three." Hence my comment about 'counting only one side;' the way I originally stated it may have been misleading. With yours, I'm gonna guess... an eight by three? Whatever it is, it's a dandy mount!
  8. I'm sure it's a regional thing, but here in california the old-timers have always used the term "stag" to reference a buck that has been neutered. Not that there are a bunch of ambitious nimrods running about the landscape castrating young male deer - it can happen naturally. Sgt McDermott had shot a few in his hunting career; usually the antlers tended to be very strange. (I have, however, known of hunters capturing young wild pigs and cutting then releasing them for future harvesting) And by the way, for any who may not know, we practice "Western Count" when describing antlers: the points on only one side are counted. Thus, a buck with eight points total is a "four-pointer." Our hunters are a modest bunch.
  9. Where's Utah? Didn't he and his pards get one (or a howitzer?) for their local VFW post?
  10. Strong enough to float a horseshoe. Hot enough to make it wilt. And if there are any road apple crumbs clinging to it, well... it'll just add to the flavor.
  11. You could sell tickets to that butt-kicking event and turn it into a fundraiser to buy that Garand!
  12. Columnist Herb Caen often called San Francisco "Baghdad-By-the-Bay." Hr had no idea....
  13. Check this one out ~ no longer available, and it warn't cheap. Sweet, though! Winchester
  14. I got Springfield from the Department of Civilian Marksmanship back in the '80's. I seem to recall that like @T.K. above I paid something like $140 + for it. And, as I recall, the rifle itself was under eighty bucks, with the balance for background check and maybe shipping. Serial number has it built in April of 1943.* Delivered to the house by the mailman on a day when I happened to be home in bed, sick with the flu. The now ex-missus answered the door, then walked in and dropped the box on the bed, where both it and I bounced, and announced "It's M-One time!" Amazing how fast I felt better! She'd been re-built; the stock was in excellent condition, barrel was new and appeared to have been un-fired, or at most a few test rounds - rifling was still blued. What a fun rifle! Edit: In reference to the relative pricing, according to the gub'mint's inflation calculator, the equivelent of that 1987 $140 would be about $380 today. I'll take as many as I can find at that price. *Interestingly, my Remington built 1903 was born in 1942, probably one of the last before the '03A3's came about.
  15. I have memories of Niles Canyon.... When I was a little kid in the Bay Area, we would have family outings to a "swimming hole" on Alameda Creek, which runs through the canyon. While living in San Francisco, I worked in Fremont some 40+ years ago, at the southern end of the canyon. Often a work buddy and I would head to a place appropriately called "The Spot" in the canyon - a pretty decent burger and beer place. I do remember the railway, but honestly don't recall having ever seen a steam train chugging along. Big kudos to the good folk at the Niles Canyon Railway for making this happen!
  16. I worked my way through school; however, I did receive a $400 student loan when I started at San Francisco State College in 1969. As I recall, this loan was payable within a number of years of finishing school. Well, life being what life is, I did not give it much thought; I also never received a bill, statement, notice, nor anything else. Until one afternoon about 1977, when I got a phone call from some collection agency. Very rudely, the person on the other end of the line literally chewed me out and said that I needed to immediately pay him and his organization the $400 plus interest plus fees - which were a LOT. "Oh heck, no problem," sez I. "I'll just go on down to the university* and write them a check!" Oh no, the character said - they now owned my loan, and I had to pay them some figure with a comma in it, and if I did NOT pay them directly, they were gonna come after me. I snorted, hung up, and called the university's financial aid office. I told their person about the collection agency's call, and apologized for having forgotten all about the loan. "No problem!" she said. "We were negligent in our billing, but would be glad to accept payment." Half an hour later I handed the nice lady a check for something like $450 and was done. *San Francisco State changed from College to University in 1972.
  17. I enjoyed that. Quite impressive craftsmanship!
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