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  1. I hope everyone here watches this... and I truly hope everyone heeds the comments about the "media!"
  2. Huh! I have never even noticed the "Forum" page at thecmp.org ~! Here's an opportunity to do a bit of "cross-pollination" and spread the word.
  3. I don't know what you'd call what she does... but whatever it is, she seems to do it well! Now - can you imagine waking up in the middle of the night and she's standing next to your bed doing that??? (And by the way - my cat left the room)
  4. I reckon a lot of us have been wondering... and continuing to send good wishes and prayers.
  5. Oh. The Kid and I are watching a series of "Gun Jesus" videos on YouTube.
  6. Sweet li'l rifle! Mechanically, the 1890, 1906, and 62 are darned near identical, although the earlier models were initially chambered for .22 short only. Sassparilla Kid has an 1890, "donated" to him by a retired CHP officer when he was eight to get 'im started in Cowboy Shooting. Super ugly, it had literally been painted probably 75 years earlier with some thick, waxy, silver-ish something. We cleaned it up, and other than really tired wood, it was just fine... some patina, but the internals were actually like new and the rifling crisp. For his eight
  7. Blasphemy!! The SIEGE was thirteen days. During that time shots were exchanged, of course, which I propose does qualify the entire event as a "battle." The final assault was on March 06, and may or may not have lasted ninety minutes. Now, as far as "arrogance and ego," consider that it was pretty common for commanders in the field to make decisions based on their understanding of the situation as they saw it. Communication was over vast distances by horseback and on foot; judgement was based on facts as the commander saw them, and was the basis for decisions; self-
  8. Kinda annoying, ain't it? Seems to be a "sometimes" phenomenon.
  9. I've posted pics here before of my Eighteen Eighty Somethin "Stahl" cape gun ~ 10.5 X 47R X 16 ga. Someday....
  10. Thankee for the prompt, Loophole.... I just managed to get an appointment for my second - one week from tomorrow. Yippee!! It seems that the Pfizer has a three week period between first and second; Moderna is four weeks.
  11. Mmmm.... I think there's a bit more than just priming compound. I've used these a lot to exterminate ground squirrels and even 'possums, at close range (garden). A bit of a "SNAP!" with pistols or light rifles; out of my heavy-barreled MAS 45 rifle they sound like a pellet gun. Love 'em!
  12. I yam SO glad I didn't read this 'til after I finished breakfast ~ snorting coffee hurts, but snorting Cheerios would be MUCH worse. Unrelated to the topic, I gotta comment on the "bolded" part: I've had more than my share of horrible bosses during my working life... the next to last boss before I retired was an older, squeaky featherweight bully with a well-deserved reputation for being picky and mean*. I dubbed him "Lawyer Daggett." or "LD" for short. It immediately stuck, and soon a bunch of folks both in the office and outside referred to him as "LD."
  13. Crappie Steaks~!! I have some mighty fine memories of crappie fishing in my younger days...
  14. Wow. Just saw this in from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife... Be sure to click on the "expand" button.
  15. Curious... do some Alaskan service stations have avgas?? Mogas not recommended for aeroplanes...
  16. I am SO glad you asked~! All I can say is that it ain't what I thought it was.
  17. About twenty years ago I was [temporarily!] living in an upstairs, outside access apartment. I came home late one night, exhausted, had a quick snack and hit the sack. The young folk in the adjoining apartment were partying away, and the later the hour the louder the music and gleeful shouting. Finally, about 0200 I banged on the wall - a few seconds later, they turned it down. Fifteen minutes later, up went the volume - both music and voices. I banged again; once more, it softened for a short while then came on louder than ever. Totally disgusted, I craw
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