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  1. They had a story about this on the local news channel weird but it seems true!
  2. I have found that in my older years, I'm 76, I actually enjoy CAS MORE if I go less! I know that may seem weird, but going every week is becoming a chore. I look forward to 2 shoots a month, maybe 3 and I'm done with the 3 day shoots. I have 5 different shoots that I can choose from every month within 1-2 hours. Oh yea and then there's the weather also, too cold, too hot, raining NO THANK YOU! I don't see any sweeps that are hard to do, some make you think a bit but that's okay. It's good to use your brain was you age!
  3. That's true but nothing was like seeing it LIVE on TV. Me and mom were watching it and we both freaked out! So weird!
  4. I don’t think any decline in membership has anything to do with the stage writing. I think old age. and the economy are the culprits! Lack of ammo and reloading components at reasonable prices aren’t helping!
  5. Maybe stage writers are trying make it more interesting instead of the same old same old?
  6. 60 yrs ago today, where were you? I was in 10th grade printing class. Announced over the PA system. We were all let out to go home! https://www.jfklibrary.org/learn/about-jfk/jfk-in-history/november-22-1963-death-of-the-president
  7. Never went that far! Seems like a lot of work for a couple more brushes but whatever floats your boat!
  8. The 4 clubs that I go to has one El Rey, same guy! Last Gun. Good shooter too!
  9. Post See new posts Conversation NRA @NRA BREAKING NEWS: Fourth Circuit Court Overturns Maryland's Unconstitutional Gun License Law in HUGE NRA-Backed Victory
  10. Antonio!! But I’m Anthony, my mom Americanized my name
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