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  1. I’ve had veggie patties and links by Morningstar farms and Boca and they’re really not bad.
  2. Sounds like those hucksters on TV saying buy now , limited quantities due to supply chain issues! BUY NOW!!!
  3. The oldest known man in the world had passed away at 114 RIP https://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/news/2024/4/worlds-oldest-man-juan-vicente-perez-dies-aged-114-768238
  4. I put ketchup on hot dogs too but pineapple on pizza is a hanging offense
  5. I wonder how the action is? Colts and Uberti's out of the box are stiff as heck! He seemed to have a pretty easy time cocking it.
  6. Pineapple on ice cream is not my favorite but it’s better than putting it on pizza!!!
  7. My sister almost passed out on the golf course and they immediately gave here some Gatorade. They said she was dehydrated . I don’t know how much but she drank it.
  8. My friend had a double bypass and it was a slow recovery. Be patient and good luck with your healing!
  9. How come in the movies when someone finds someone dying of thirst in the dessert or wherever they give them a small swallow of water and say , “That’s enough”.?? Why is it bad to guzzle down water if you’re thirsty and haven’t had water for a long time. I can’t find anything about it.
  10. Well not for everyone, palm trees are either where it’s hot and humid with hurricanes, alligators and bugs galore or in a dry desert climate that’s too hot for many folks including me. I’ll take a few snowstorms a year and otherwise pretty mild weather and you can have the palm trees. Just MHO Of course then there’s California but that’s another whole bag of worms!
  11. We have tornado sirens here in Ohio but they very very rarely go off here in the Northern area , I think Lake Erie has something to do with them fizzling out before they get up here. It’s mostly in southern Ohio. There was just a bad one a few weeks ago about 4 hours southwest of here. Lots of damage in a small town. They said it was a half mile wide!! Yikes!!!
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