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  1. I told my TG's to vote YES on all 3. They all make sense.
  2. Let’s never forget https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/day-history-december-7-1941-050229885.html
  3. None here, I’ve been loading .38’s for years.
  4. Can we ask what company this is?? It sure looks strange!
  5. From what everyone says she’s following the IDF rules. I think she could get that rifles into action pretty darn quick, just a guess.
  6. Sure it wouldn’t be the same without your smiling mug
  7. Anyone who takes part in these “gun buy programs” needs their heads examined!
  8. I’ve seen ripped jeans at my local mall for quite a few years now! It’s been a fashion thing for quite a while. No surprise here!
  9. I believe it's a dial right under the radio to the left on the lower part of the dashboard. That's where my son's is on his 2023 4X4
  10. My son just got a 2023 Tacoma with the 6 cyl. Nice truck 4x4
  11. https://www.nydailynews.com/2023/12/05/majority-leader-schumer-to-bring-assault-weapons-ban-bill-to-senate-floor/ Here we go again! All lies !
  12. I rarely use Amazon, I prefer to go to brick and mortar stores. I get cash back on my Discover and also on a Capital One card.
  13. Me too!! I used to work part time cat one of them.
  14. That’s exactly what I suggested to these fools. I doubt the city council and mayor are going to okay their request. If they do I’ll be P$&@@?D
  15. Sorry but that’s just not been my experiences, BTW I’ve been dealing with same dealership for the last 20 yrs. They’re good folks and have treated me right. Sorry you have had bad experiences with dealers.
  16. Well I can trade in my old one to a dealer and do some haggling and get a pretty good deal and a warranty.. I've had a few weird deals in the past with private owners. Buyer beware. When you buy as is it can be a nightmare! My last 4 cars have been new. I trade 'em in at around 100K.
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