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  1. Local boy that made it pretty big.Leader of the group Rasberries and single artist as well. https://www.msn.com/en-us/music/news/eric-carmen-frontman-of-the-raspberries-and-soft-rock-all-by-myself-singer-dies-at-74/ar-BB1jJwNo
  2. Sounds like the same scenario here in NE Ohio, weatherman put odds at %20-30% chance it’ll be cloudy according to past weather records of April 8. I got my eclipse glasses just in case.
  3. Sounds like he’s guilty of something or just a real wuss! I might have shot the guy and no I would not run out!
  4. Are they listed somewhere? I keep looking at the main page where it says EOT results and there's nothing for 2024. Just curious is all.
  5. I don’t have that problem on my phone or computer!!
  6. Same here, I’m north of you one mile from the lake. Got my glasses so I guess we’ll see or not?
  7. I paid $80 for 1000 a couple months ago. Federal SPP
  8. True. The houses here with lakefront property are about 50-100 ft or more above lake level. This is Lake Erie I’m talking about.
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