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  1. CANDY CIGARETTES....in a mostly Mormon community. Evil, evil, evil!
  2. Yeah, we used to dress up like cowboys and frontier soldiers, shoot guns and have contests where we shot targets.....kind like now only my knees hurt more and ammo is a lot more expensive than BBs.
  3. Never saw those here. Can you imagine them today?
  4. We used Bull Durham sacks that the older guys threw away
  5. Tinker Stamm Hilton Hotel Art Dekko Billy Bong Rusty Steel Rich Pickens Jim Nastick Pat E. Kayke Scruffy Olbumm
  6. Jack N. Aboxx Jack Lynx Stan Deside Kid Napper Roland Tumble Dusty Rhodes Dustin Polish Judah Skote Bud Vase Duncan Donuts Curly Fryse Reid Books Dooley Noted
  7. Should work pretty well. It would with me, then I go on safari to hunt down whoever did it.
  8. I'm in my third day of trying to simply change my phone number with Amazon so I can get shipping up dates. A nice lady at the local shipping depot (if you ever want to see a very busy, very efficient, and very colorful operation, go see one of their facilities) has incited me to come visit her on Monday and she'll fix it for me. I love the way Amazon gets their stuff to me but their web site is a disaster unless you're ordering something.
  9. Oh, that's just hilarious. I still have one of their watches. It belonged to Dad and he never wore it, so maybe this is a sign that I should take it to shop and have it checked out. Could still be wearable.
  10. Yep! Turned it into a stationary target for bad guys to strip. They should have taken the boot, too.
  11. My daughter called to tell me that if I die WITHOUT my Life Alert pendant on (It was new and I didn't remember to wear it when I had this last episode) that there would be NO services or funeral. She said she'd just drive me to the dump and kick me off the back of the ruck. Guess I'm getting sentimental. I was really touched by that.
  12. Castro has one thing going for him that Trudeau and Biden don't have: He's dead.
  13. I missed this somedamnhow, so here's a later that it should be Happy Birthday, KID. JFWIW I was 70 once, but I wasn't very good at it. BTW, you look at these little setbacks the same way I do: I can't do much about it and I can write them off as a new experience, so I just carve another notch in my pistol and carry on the best I can. I've had a wonderful (for the most part), very interesting, and vastly better life than most folks, so don't you dare feel sorry for me, unless you want to explain how an 81 year old busted, twisted, and bent old man kicked the bejabbers out of you and laughed about it when I got all stiffened up from the exercise.
  14. Or your 80s. It gets better as you age because a lot more people realize you just don't give a damn and will shoot you just for giggles and grins. It's becalming for everyone except complete idiots who don't believe you will. SURPRISE!
  15. Well, hell. My cell phone...my ONLY phone...is not working, my car won't start (AGAIN!!), all of my neighbors have gone to work and I'm too crippled up to walk anywhere. This just stinks!!! I have places to go and can't and tomorrow I have four different appointments at the VA to sort out my physical problems. Gonna be interesting at the very least.
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