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  1. I have GOEX powder, balls, 1000's of wonder wads, and approximately 2500 Remington No.10's

  2. I have one with Lyman front site, takes inserts. and installed rear site base for an MVA Soule Sight. Shot around 75 rounds through it. What would you offer? Plus shipping to your FFL.marlin1.thumb.jpg.4f983c46d824062faba67c061c32db95.jpg


    1. Texas Red

      Texas Red

      Mike sent you a PM


  3. Where can you buy these, they are nice.



    1. El Muerto Negro
    2. irish ike, SASS #43615

      irish ike, SASS #43615

      Thanks, Nice looking and easy to get on.

      The zipper police don't know what they are talking about.


    3. El Muerto Negro

      El Muerto Negro

      I was pretty sure it was ok. But now i have PWB ok. I took a screen shot just in case. 


      Yes they are nice looking, comfortable and easy to get on like you said.



  4. You're right about 88. In my original comment I said I know I'm getting to get yelled at for disparaging Dale...but come on 133 races and no first.


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