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    The Kaskaskia Cowboys are pleased to announce "The Sparta Summer Shootout". It will be held on Saturday June 10, 2017 at The World Shooting and Recreational Complex in Sparta, Il. The entry fee for "SSS" is $45 and includes lunch and entry into a practice match, a mini WB match, and a drawing for giveaways, and of course the eight stage main match. The practice match and mini WB match will be held Friday June 9, 2017. Entry forms will be available on our website kaskaskiacowboys.com in the coming weeks, and I will post more info as I remember it and as it becomes available. If you have wanted to shoot at Sparta or have shot here in the past and wanted to return, save the date. Hope to see you there. This is Sparta, Smoke
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    Maybe a "double secret probation" is in order?....haha
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    Allie Mo pointed me to this thread. I haven't been shooting in quite some time. I developed a palsy in my hands and can't hold a revolver steady any longer. It's apparently genetic. So I've taken to cycling. Mostly Mountain Bike these days. Hope everyone is well.
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    My mother told me about this day and listening to the news with horror. My Father was a pre-war, Royal Canadian Air Force Regular, stationed at RCAF Station, Rockcliffe, in Ottawa. Great Britain, Canada and the rest of what is now the Commonwealth had been at war with Nazi Germany, since September 1939 and the prospect was looking grim. He and my Mother had only been married for three months and he was expecting his overseas (British Isles) transfer, momentarily, having just finished his embarkation leave. Monday evening, December 8, he returned from the air base and told her "With the Americans now fully in, we just won the war" Thank you America for your sacrifices. You helped my Father and most of my uncles to survive.
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    Actually, Clay, it makes a lot of sense. Hating civilians who had nothing to do with a military attack is a pointless waste of energy. On the other hand, forgetting what happened invites the repetition of history. As our next Secretary of Defense has said: ‘Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.’ LL
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    Prayers for the brave men and women that lost their lives in that attack, and for their families as well. Along with 9/11 I will never forget the heroes and innocent victims of those sneak attacks. And I don't give a damn what the WH says, I will NOT ".. get over the bitterness .." of Pearl Harbor. Doesn't mean I have any towards those of Japan today as they were not personally involved in the attack. ( Not sure that makes sense.)
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    English Andy of Las Vegas, NV was the guy. We met first due to common interest in Rock N Roll music/gigs. Then while I was at a Shootist Holiday at Whittington Center near Raton, NM, in 98 or 99, my late wife, Miss Ann, and I visited he and his late wife, Cactus Concha, there. They were attended an OWSA cowboy shoot. I asked Andy more about this CAS so he grabbed some guns and had me follow him to an unused bay. Sure was different from the 20+ years of IHMSA I had been shooting. In fact, after handing me a loaded single action revolver I was taking aim on what I thought to be a close target and he promptly told me that was a rifle target. Of course,with that, I thought this was going to be easy...I soon learned to be competitive in the game, it is not exactly all that easy. For many years Cactus Concha was just about the finest CAS custom clothes maker all around the SASS and OWSA world. She and Miss Ann became best of friends. MA often helping her in her vendor's booth at EOT in CA and at WR.. Note: A coupe of weeks ago while on Sassy's birthday trip to Las Vegas, we had the pleasure of getting together with Andy on two occasions.. It had been many years and the visit was awesome. We talked guns, guitars, and the like. Sure glad I had that initiation to CAS by that famous guitar picker .
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    Doc S was an author. I believe he did a rewrite of the three SASS handbooks into one handbook that was very good and the Wild Bunch would not even consider it. He left after that, and that may have been the reason. He wrote a great color printed book on getting started in CAS. It may be available digitally now.
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    Last I knew Phantom was still banned. Don't know if thats the case still.
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    I've shot SASS Colt's since 2000, never a hic-up. I've ask before with no response-How many SASS Colt's were made?
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