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ISO "movie style" poster maker

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My step father was in the game in the late 90s and had this poster made. After his passing years ago, his then wife (not my mom), denied his family access to any of his things (yes that includes his PHXPD things and his Cowboy things) and this poster was never seen again.

I'm wondering if there was/is a popular vendor that y'all may know so I can check with them and see if a reproduction could be made.

All his sister, daughters and I have is a low quality picture of the poster.

Thanks in advance!


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Very cool poster, sad story I wish you luck in your search, Pard!

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Did he have it made at one of the big SASS matches? If so, whoever put on the match might be able to tell you who the vendor might be that made it. Perhaps that vendor has a digital copy of it. 

Also, it probably wouldn’t hurt to call SASS HQ. They may be able to help. 

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3 minutes ago, Worst Case Scenario said:

That is what im hoping @Pat Riot but I don't know what shoot it may have been. I'm guessing in the AZ area, maybe Winter Range...

Heck, I’d give SASS HQ a ring. Couldn’t hurt. 

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