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Garland v. Cargill

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On February 28, the Supreme Court will hear a case that could legalize bump-stocks.


Not a big fan of bump-stocks, but I am a big fan of limiting the power of federal agencies to interpret laws however they want, regardless of what Congress intended when they passed a law. And furious that ATF issued a statement saying that bump-stocks were legal for several years and then they banned them (requiring them to be destroyed or turned in) without grandfathering in the existing ones that people bought!!! They bankrupted companies that had large amounts of inventory that had to be destroyed without compensation.

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I have no interest in bump stocks.
I have great interest in SCOTUS (finally) stepping up to solidly affirm the 2nd Amendment.
However, I have equal dread the SCOTUS will punt instead and not take a firm stand.

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I'd be nice if ALL bills that affect the constitution had to go before SCOTUS before being enacted instead of afterwards. Imagine how much litigation could be avoided.

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