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Who’s our sub today?

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Oh Darn, I thought you were talkin bout this Teacher.........


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Here's how this works:


Kids have some sort of a fascination with whatever is on the teacher's desk. Probably trying to glean some hints about upcoming quizzes, or whatever.

If I left that magazine on a bookcase, they would not notice it. But everything on the desk gets scrutinized.

And the topic of CAS comes up. Most every kid has parents that own a gun, some have a CAS gun or two.

So we talk about it.

Then they find out that some of the ranges their parents/neighbors have visited, also have cowboy matches. And you can watch for free. Maybe Dad will help you try a CAS gun for the first time.

Then I tell them of the CAS presence on social media. They look up that stuff immediately.

So if I can stir some interest in the kids, MAYBE some weekend they talk mom or dad into visiting a monthly match.

Not saying this will guarantee new SASS members, but why not?

Sorry about no food on the thread. 

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Enjoy, whilst you read his Post. :rolleyes:



and yes, I know it's not a pic of a sub. :P



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