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Uberti jamming issue

Doc Huckleberry

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Interesting problem with my Uberti 1866 carbine.  Tips on both lifter springs broke last year. Sent it to the fellow who’d fixed both my SxS shotguns, along with a Pioneer short stroke kit.  He fixed the two springs, got a bit concerned about the mods for the short stroke kit and sent the gun back, with the assurance that he’d tested it.  However - the first cartridge you feed in comes right out the back of the carrier and jams the mechanism.  Tried a new aluminum carrier from Pioneer, and a set of their springs - no luck, no joy.  I’ll note that the carrier, new or stock, now comes about 1/16” below the frame with the lever closed, which it did not before 

Any suggestions?   Thanks! Doc Huckleberry 

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Hi Doc.


Yes several.  First up.  Find a different "Fellow."  Chances are the Cartridge Stop Tab on the Ladle (loading gate) has broken off, allowing the cartridge to slide back into the lock works.  The "fellow" who fit your Pioneer short stroke kit screwed up the Carrier Block Lifter Arm and you will probably need a new one to go to your new hopefully competent "fellow" for fitting.


When you get the new ladle, have the stop tab reenforced so it won't break again.


Oh, almost forgot.  With the Stop Tab on the Ladle broken, your "fellow" could NOT have tested it.

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the first cartridge you feed in comes right out the back of the carrier and jams the mechanism.

You mean the last cartridge you have shoved in the loading gate of the gun, which is the FIRST cartridge that you will try to fire.


VERY high probability your Uberti has the "loading gate mortise jam" - as about 25% of Uberti rifles have had for the last 15 years at least.


If the last cartridge you load which should sit straight inside the carrier block, instead sits cocked crooked with the rim over toward the loading gate, you have the mortise jam.   You can temporary prevent this by pushing the last round you load another 1/2" into the carrier block t(pushing with finger or stick through the loading gate), until when you release the round, it sits straight ahead.


But the real fix is to put the proper amount of bevel into the frame of the gun.


Here's the description of the problem and nice photos of how to fix it.   click on the article "Model 66 & 73 frame modification to improve feeding of the first round"  half way down this page on the Pioneer Gunworks site:




I've done many of these to fix the last-round-loaded, first-round-to-fire problems in Uberti rifles and carbines.  Your smith may not have noticed this problem if he is accustomed to making sure the cartridges are pushed through the loading gate a long way (half an inch or more), instead of just stopping as soon as the gate snaps shut.


good luck, GJ

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I have a Uberti 66 in 38 Spl. I have an aluminum carrier and a standard short stroke kit in it. I used all PGW parts and followed their information for modifications. It was a learning process as this was my first toggle link rifle. I had issues, broke a ladle and had some feeding issues. After working on it for the first year or two it has given me very little trouble. It's a bit intimidating at first, but if you have a bit of gun work experience, it can be a DIY project. The tools needed list isn't too long. 

In addition I have a 16" barrel and I trimmed the spring to get it to load 10. Filing and sanding off brass was a bit worrisome at first, but the PGW info is good. 


I started with one '66, and have added a few more '73s. All the Ubertis needed some TLC and most had minor flaws that needed attention. I'm in Canada, getting parts isn't easy, but Taylors sure helped. I've ordered several times and their customer service is decent. Even when mistakes were made, by me mostly, problems were solved without undue hardship. Their old website was better, their present site is convoluted, that's my way of politely saying it's crap. 




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