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32 Smith & Wesson Longs

Come On Christmas

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It troubles me to see the excessive price hikes for components to play the game.


I have a few Starline .32 Smith and Wesson Longs Hulls probably fired 2 to 3 times.

I stopped shooting .32 revolver 5 years ago.  

What should I sell them for?  I been out of this for 5 years.


Don’t try to buy them here.  I’ll do it right or not at all.


Come On Christmas

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They're in stock at Starline for 19 cents each in a 1000 count lot, so that would be $30.40, shipped, for 160. Fired multiple times, maybe 12 cents each, which would be $19.20, shipped. Someone who doesn't want to buy a thousand to get the volume discount price might pay a little more, maybe $25, shipped.

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I knew this wasn’t going to be a get rich quick scheme.  They look like once fired.  The thing is I don’t need them.


I shoot frontiersman.  Black Powder and the Substitutes are coming back.  Egad what people are trying to charge for percussion caps.





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