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A new side match rifle...

Three Foot Johnson

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The past few years, I've been seeing a 250 yard long range single shot rimfire side match being offered at a couple annual shoots here. (hammer, no bolt actions) I bought a Chiappa Little Sharps .22, fitted it with an MVA #130 tang sight, and have done pretty well with it. A couple weeks ago, I was perusing Gunbroker and found an 1885 Low Wall described thusly: " A fine example of a solid 22 LR 1885 model Cimarron with Vermeer sight, excellent shooter, no scuffs, scratches, or dings. Fantastic condition and and a great addition to your collection ! That's it, no further mention of it being Uberti or Winchester/Miroku, barrel length, single set or standard trigger, the sight manufacturer, etc. Starting bid was $600 with a BIN price of $1200. 

I got ahold of the seller and he said he was listing it as part of a private collection. Turns out it was a Miroku Winchester, standard trigger, MVA sights - #130 rear, #116 front globe, and it had "some other barrel installed, but I can include the original barrel for an additional $100".

"Ok, what's on it now?"

"It doesn't say, but I'll contact my client and find out."

... later...

"The seller says a nearly new 26" half octagon BRC choked match barrel." (Borchardt Rifle Company)

"Ok, tell ya what, include the original Miroku barrel in the deal, and I'll hit the $1200 BIN button right now."

"Let me check with my client."

... later...

"My client says that's acceptable."


Geez, the current price on the barrel and sights alone is $753, plus shipping and installation. 

He fibbed a bit about the "no scuffs, scratches, or dings" part - the worst ding is visible in the pic on the right side of the butt stock, and there are a few other tiny flaws, but overall it's pretty dang clean.

The only match ammo I have on hand is Eley Club, Eley Target, and Eley Semi-auto Benchrest Precision, and it will easily shoot sub-2" hundred yard five shot groups with any of them, with my best being 7/8" with Target - kind of a fluke, as they were running more toward an inch and a half. I'll have to shop around for some Eley Tenex, SK, Lapua Center-X, and whatever else might turn up. Who knows, maybe CCI Green Tag or even SV might work.  :)


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I'm getting kind of hooked on this single shot .22 stuff. :lol:

The original Contender rifle stocks are kind of pricy, but I found one that was damaged from some yahoo trying to fit something to it that didn't fit - maybe an Encore. He routed out the mounting stud channel in the pistol grip, then whatever he had was too wide to fit between the ears, so... he sawed the left one off. :( I coated the mounting stud with release agent, mixed up some Bondo, poured it into the routed out mounting hole, stuck the stud in, aligned it, and hoped for the best - it worked great! Then I cut an oval slice of walnut, routed a shelf on the grip to glue & pin it to, blended the edge with carpenter's glue mixed with walnut sawdust, then finished the repair with several coats of Tru-oil. It looks a little odd, but it's solid, and didn't cost $200+. :) The negative pitch on these original stocks looks pretty extreme, but with the extra drop built into them, it doesn't feel awkward at all.


Thompson Center Contender frame from 1980 my dad originally bought as a .35 Remington Super 14. I've also got pistol barrels in .256 Winchester magnum, .221 Fireball, and .30 Herrett. :)



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