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Marlene Dietrich

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I just watched a documentary on Marlene Dietrich.  What an amazing character.  She hated the Nazis and was one of the first stars to volunteer to entertain the troops.  She went right to the front lines.  She became friends with George Patton and traveled a lot with the Third Army.  




When the Americans were getting ready to cross the Rhine into Germany General Eisenhower ordered her not to go into Germany fearing she might be captured by the Germans.  She refused and as they crossed into Germany Patton handed her this pistol and said, "here, shoot some of the bastards before you surrender."  




She received numerous awards for her vountary military service including on the recommendation of two American generals the Medal of Freedom.





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The most popular song of WWII had a German version and an English version.  Both versions were sung by the same singer and both versions were equally popular.  Marlene Dietrich - Lili Marlene.

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