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Lethargy Lever

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10 hours ago, Griff said:

YES!!!  Black Powder!!!  Going home as clean as you arrived means you just didn't have enough fun!  Those black smudges on your hat brim from BP cases are marks of character!  When you grow up into adulthood, and get those cap & ball sixguns, you'll have truly arrived at the epitome of the game!  

This IS where the fun is.

Lucky :D

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Welcome LL!  As a newbie myself, perhaps I can offer my 2 cents worth to the discussion.


Don’t take yourself or anyone else too seriously.  Take all posts (including this one) with a grain of salt.  They are . . .  after all . . . only one person’s opinion.


The advice of “be safe; have fun” is definitely to be followed.  There’s no sense continuing this sport if you are not having fun. 


Read the handbook but don’t expect to memorize it.  It’s too danged long anyway.  Ignore those who may suggest that you need to have it memorized before attending your first match.  Learn the highlights of safety and gear and gather the rest of the knowledge along the way.  Forget trying to figure out where you fit in the loooong list of categories before your first match.  Ask the person at the sign-up table what category you should shoot and run with it.  You can fine-tune it later.


There are safety rules that must be followed but they’re pretty common sense based and easy to understand.  If you don’t understand something, ask.  Most folks are happy to help.  You will make a few mistakes along the way but, hopefully they will be handled in a kind manner by those who do catch them.  Ignore those who try to belittle you for doing something wrong.  It’ll happen eventually but don’t let it spoil your fun.  Those folks aren’t perfect either.


It is said that SASS shooters are the friendliest bunch of shooters there is and that is true . . . . mostly.  Recognize that, like all shooting disciplines, there are cliques in SASS.  They might not be as obvious as in other disciplines but they’re there.  Show up, be friendly to all, help run the posse, and have fun.  Helping set up and tear down is appreciated as well.  You will run into those who seem to think their job is to point out every little thing being done incorrectly (I call them “hall monitors”).  Thankfully, those folks are few and far between and easy to avoid.


You’ve stated that you already have your irons but prepare for more.  For gun guys/gals, it’s going to happen.  I’ve already doubled what I thought I’d end up with but that’s okay.  The advice to shoot different guns at a match is great but realize that the experience is very limited.  It’s pretty difficult to determine if something is going to work for you long-term just by putting a few rounds through it.  Ignore what others are suggesting what you should be shooting.  Everyone likes to think that what they’re using is the best but that’s meadow muffins.  Shoot what works for you and makes you happy.  Check the classified section when the time comes for a new whatever but be careful when moving forward with a purchase.  While I haven’t been screwed by buying from members here, I have had a few disappointments with what showed up.  Conversely, I’ve had great interactions with sellers as well.


This post may appear to trend towards the negative side but that’s not my intention at all.  Just being honest with what I’ve experienced in my short time here.  I have no regrets about getting into this game and would do it again.  I’m still meeting great folks and having fun.  Certainly, I will quit when that goes away but, so far, I don’t see that happening for quite a while.


Hope this helps.

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On 3/15/2023 at 5:08 PM, Renegade Roper said:

Welcome! Like Seth Bradford said Matamoras is probably closer but Circle K hosts the NYS match. We have our annual Cabin Fever shoot on March 26. It's a potluck swap meet new shooter shoot. We set up a couple of simple stages so new shooters can try it out and regular shooters can see how much rust they've accumulated over the winter. You shoot the stage(s) as much as you want, when you want (ie, no posse just an RO to oversee the stage).  It's a good time to try out different guns.  Then we have a potluck dinner.  People also bring stuff for the swap meet.  Never know what you may find.  Hope to see you there.  Roper










































That sounds like a blast. I’ll definitely be there! Where can I find the info?

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The shooting starts at 10am, potluck at 2pm.  The shoot is free. They plan on setting up 2 stages (the Town and Freight House which both are under cover) and have a stage for just shotgun poppers if the weather cooperates.  People get there before 10am for the swap meet.  You can check out more info on our website, www.circlekregulators.com. Kayaderosseras Fish & Game Club, 706 Geyser Rd, Ballston Spa, NY 12020.  Hope to see ya there.  


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