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Thinning the herd

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There are a number of things in my life that are more important than my guns.  

Lately, I’ve been trying to get my a$$ back out in the shop to finish three projects, two of which are close to my heart. With the, (granted they’re minor) recent health issues, I find myself thinking that time and money are short.


 I could solve the money issue by selling off a few things in the gun safe and maybe the time issue as well, IF I was to go deep into the safe.


I’m kinda’ like Pat.  I’ve been sitting around, thinking about other things I could do with the money I have tied up in firearms.  

Whether it’s the time of year, my health, the fact that I turned 70 about two months ago, or just that I’ve sat around idle for the last few months while my projects remain unfinished, it wears on me.


Reckon I’m gonna’ try to do what some of the rest of ya’s are doin’ and ruminate on it a while!!

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